Yoshi’s Top 10 PVs and Singles of 2016

Links to all the releases I mentioned

ROCK A JAPONICA – Kyouka Shock!

GEM – Fine! ~fly for the future~

AKB48 – High Tension

Momoiro Clover Z – DECORATION

Atarashii Gakkou no Leaders – Gakkou Ikeyaa

Kobushi Factory – Osu! Kobushi Damashii


Wa-Suta – Ultra Mirakurukuru Final Ultimate Choco Beam

Niji no Consuistador – Senjou no St. Valentine

Momoiro Clover Z – Mahorovacation

Maison book girl – cloudy irony

Super Girls – Love Summer

PASSPO – Bachelorette wa Owaranai

Tokyo Girls’ Style – Mille Feuille

Yumemiru Adolescence – Mai Jene!

Morning Musume ’16 – Utakata Saturday Night

ANGERME – Umakuienai

GEM – Spotlight

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