Yoshi Makes Kashiwagi Yuki’s Banana Mayonaise Bread

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  1. With American mayo, I imagine it taste horrible (kuz American mayo sucks ∩´-)⊃=⊃)
    But with Japanese mayo, its pretty decent.

  2. u look so ジー

  3. IDEA: Fried yellow plantain sandwiched between Thin pieces of deep fried dough with Japanese mayo!


  4. lmao, this is fuckin’ retarded. Thanks for taking one for science Yoshi. I could never eat that shit..

  5. Replace the bananas with croutons and the butter with caesar salad dressing. Toast the bread first.

  6. I think Cooking Corner with Yoshi should become a regular segment

  7. Inaba Gohan, make all his recipes!

  8. My family has a variation on this sandwich where we use mayo, bannanas and peanut butter. The PB makes the sandwich. In a pinch, we will just use bannannas and PB.

    And leave those crusts on – it puts hair on your hairy places!

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