yasushi akimoto announces another "48" group

yasushi akimoto revealed his next ’48’ group:  NMB48, based in namba, osaka.

this brings up many questions and worries.  why another group?  why now?  his second venture, SKE48, has yet to have a team ‘E’, and he announces another group?  he either knows something we don’t, or he’s being hasty and reckless.  maybe i’m missing something but i haven’t seen much of a demand for new idol groups from yasushi.

what does this mean for the future?  will NMB members be appearing in AKB and SKE singles and take senbatsu spots in AKB elections?

all this means to me is that yasushi’s attention is going to be even more broken and  wide-spread; none of the groups will be getting as much attention as they need in this popular, but fragile, state.  damnit, i hope you know what you’re doing aki-P.

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