Worth Watching, Feb 20th

Worth Watching is a weekly feature that will break down the regularly programed idol shows for the week. For those of you who don’t have time to keep up with all the shows, please check back here as we’ll be giving ratings on which ones are most worth your time as well as a short summary and participating members. The AKS portion of this feature is being written up by Maeda Ami enthusiast Ben Quick.

rating-fourNogizakatte Doko (2014.02.16) – A continuation of last week’s Valentine’s Day confessions. Lots of great reactions as love triangles get formed and hearts are broken. Pay attention to the new 2nd generation girl that confesses near the end, Kitano Hinako. She just made it into senbatsu and I’ve really taken a shine for her.

Rating: 4/5  A must-watch for Nogizaka46 fans.

rating-threeHKT no Odekake (2014.02.19) – Tomonaga Mio is this week’s OdaCenter as a bunch of 2nd generation girls go shopping at a Sharper Image-type store. There’s a few really funny moments and it is also Inoue Yuriya’s 2nd appearance on Odekake.

Rating: 3/5 Check it out if you’re a fan of HKT’s 2nd generation.

rating-threeNogibingo 2 (2014.02.14) – Part two of the 1st gen vs 2nd gen battle from last week. There’s a couple of cute moments with Ikuchan and Nanamin, and another spotlight moment for Kitano Hinako (I’m seriously in love with this girl right now).

Rating: 3/5 Not as strong as past episodes but you should watch it if you like the girls mentioned above.

rating-fiveAKB48 Show (2014.02.15) – Three great Valentine’s Day performances, a hilarious skit, and a flu shot documentary make this week’s AKB48 Show a must-see.

Rating: 5/5 Don’t miss this week’s episode, especially if you’re an HKT fan.

rating-threeAKB48 Nemousu TV (2014.02.16) – AKB is still having fun in Hawaii!  More challenges and prizes, and an appearance by (most of) Tentoumu Chu.

Rating: 3/5 Kinda drags on, being an hour-long show, but if you’re a Tentoumu Chu or Oshima Yuko fan you’ll probably want to check it out.

rating-threeAKB Kousagi Dojo (2014.02.14) – Lemon, Akicha, Juri, and Yukarun make Valentine’s Day chocolates and try to make your heart race with love confessions.

Rating: 3/5 You should watch it if you like those girls for sure, they’ll make you munekyun!

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