Worth A Watch: Early Morning Wake Up with Cheeky Parade

I swear, I will never tire of watching Idol Wake Up videos. Ten years a fan and I still find this stuff hilarious.

So in this episode Momoka and Yuriya go around waking up members to see how long it takes them to join in the groups choreography.

It’s always about putting the girls personalities into light and through videos like these you are able to see who’s a sleepy head, who’s easily embarrassed, and who’s quick to get up.

It helps a little if you know a bit of the Cheeky Parade discography because they’re doing choreography from it but even without…

These are definitely ones that are Worth a watch

Seran (1:01) – Sleepy
Hina (5:04) – Over Action
Rino (7:05) – Squeeky

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