Word of Mouth, Feb 5th 2014

Word of Mouth Podcast

It’s Wednesday and time for a few more news topics.

David & Dae speak about:

  • Uchida Mayumi’s Novelist Debut
  • Morning Musume ’14 4 Straight Number 1s
  • Team Syachihoko’s Chocolate Promotion

Feel free to leave your comments, opinions, or anything we messed up on.


Catch up on the previous show here – Word of Mouth, Feb 3rd

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  1. Jurassic park had a love band??? lol i died at this part. this show is amazing !!!!

  2. Well I hope that Uchida is more popular as a novelist than as an idol, saying that though, perhaps that is not so hard……

    That whole chocolate thing is random as hell, but hey this is Team Syachihoko who even make the other Stardust groups look normal so maybe this is not so surprising by them :D

    Great to see MM still gaining momentum in terms of sales, not so concerned about the rankings because that can end up meaning little really (Wasamin’s 1st place for an example) but sales have been good and are improving and honestly it’s nice to see, and even maybe is a lesson to AKB in that you can still sell after your old big names are gone….

  3. I did some digging and found that Ayumi Hamasaki’s single “M” ranked #1 with 541,000 beating out Morning Musume’s Ren’ai Revolution 21 by about 30,000 copies, “M” got #2 on the year end charts, while RR21 got #5.

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