Word of Mouth, Feb 17th

Word of Mouth Podcast

On today’s show David speaks to Dae Lee about:

  • Shuffle Rumors: Where are Matsui Rena, Shirashi Mai, Nishino Nanase going?
  • Oshima Yuko, The greatest AKB48 member ever?
  • Who is @345__chan? (two underscores)
  • Tsunku is excited…about himself

Music generously provided by DJ Amaya

Feel free to leave your comments, opinions, or anything we messed up on.


Catch up on the previous show here – Word of Mouth, Feb 14th

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One comment

  1. Pretty Sure that that those printing “mistakes” are just that, unless they were a type of mistake that was made to perhaps sell a few more copies, of course it does rather reflect on the speculation and the fears (or similar) that people are feeling over this shuffle…..

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