Woman, Seriously…Look At Yourself

Yesterday, a female friend of mine came rushing to me over internet screaming bloody murder. I thought maybe something happened to her family. Maybe her brother. Or at least her dog. But instead I was sent the picture above. Then I was send the picture below.

For those of you who don’t know or are unsure, that is Soo Young from the popular Korean girl group, Girls’ Generation, also known as SNSD or in Japan, Shoujo Jidai. What caused all the uproar was that from the photographs, you could see, according to my female friend, a noticeable difference in the sharpness of her chin. She had plastic surgery…

I do think she looks better in the second picture, but not because of her chin’s shape. It’s strictly a personal preference that I like girls with less make up and less complicated hair. She’s more normally dressed and with black hair.That always does it for me.

But I’m getting away from my point. The reason I bring this conversation up is because that female friend, at one time confided in me that she wanted to fix a part of her face. I didn’t understand her paranoia and tried to assure her that she was thinking too much about it. I don’t know if I actually talked her out of it or if it’s just a delay for the inevitable.

But what I don’t get is why is it the same girl who I was trying to talk out of considering plastic surgery is now raving over a similar situation. Soo Young is gorgeous! She’s perfect. And I agreed. We both agreed that it’s most likely a case of self confidence or self image.

But will she learn that lesson? It’s always a frustrating ordeal for me when anyone says they want to get plastic surgery. I don’t understand it. I mean I realize the situation with women and how they are judged by a different standard. Men can be ugly as sin but as long as they’re capable or make a lot of money, those factors can be downplayed. But you still have to look at your face in the mirror every morning. Are you so unhappy that you want it changed? And then when you change it, where do you draw the line?

Confused and frustrated,

Also I’m not sure that Soo Young actually has had plastic surgery. Please don’t go taking this as a news report or gossip. What you can take from this is that Soo Young is definitely under appreciated. She’s always getting shafted. She gets the least lines and is always in the background. But I guess thats just another one of those things that I’ll never understand why.

Now tell me, how much of this was great because of her chin?

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  1. I personally don’t mind if someone decides to change their physical appearance, permanently or otherwise. I used braces to change my naturally crooked teeth; how am I different than someone who got a slightly sharper nose or removed a mole? I’ve always seen it as a paradox. If someone said they wanted braces, or grind a few teeth down to a better shape, few people would have moral objections about it.

    The only objection I have to it is that you’d be presenting yourself to potential mates as someone with superior genes, when it’s actually just money. HAHA. It’d be evident when your kids are born with buck teeth and wide chins, UH-OH!

    • That’s an interesting way to look at it, I never thought of it that way. I’m thinking though, that since entertainment is a business mostly of looks, it’s somewhat acceptable… at the very least, not entirely their fault. There’s a public eye on them at all times and that has to be tough.

      I heard about the genes problem in regards to Korean women and how their husbands flip out because their children look nothing like their mothers. Also that the women don’t decompose all the way because there’s too much plastic on them…

  2. I’m actually a big time SNSD/Shoujo Jidai fan and I’d have to agree that the older picture of SooYoung looked better, but its hard to say whether or not she actually had plastic surgery. I mean it could be the camera angles, PS, or lighting/makeup that accentuates certain features on her face.

    However I will say that it’s common for plastic surgery to happen in the Asian (Korean, China, Japan) entertainment industry. Personally I am all for it, but I don’t agree with people who get it for BS reasons. For example Dae Lee mentioned that plastic surgery is a lot like getting braces to correct for crooked teeth, but having crooked teeth is certainly detrimental in life and has health repercussions. Crooked teeth are more prone to fallout as a person ages, mostly because they are harder to brush/clean. Of course a smile is important, and certainly eating with straight rather than crooked teeth would be better. Plastic Surgery for cosmetic/medical benefits is good if there is a significant purpose too it.

    On the other hand I think that when a person gets plastic surgery out of vanity rather than necessity, its a little excessive. If someone has a very odd facial feature and they get it surgically corrected, thats great. But when you have what most people would consider ‘normal’ features, then getting plastic surgery is just out of pure vanity. For example girls that get breast implants when they are already well endowed, as well as skinny guys who have plastic surgery to get 6pack abs (yes its real). Unless your correcting for a deformity, plastic surgery shouldn’t be okay.

  3. I was very sad when this happened. She was GORGEOUS before and now she just doesn’t look right. The probable reasons she got plastic surgery are because the company seems to push it a lot, majority of her band members have gotten something done at least once, and on top of it she has always been insecure about her cheeks. I think that they may have been tweaking her nose gradually. And now they have reshaped her chin and sculpted her cheeks, which has ultimately changed the region around her nose bridge, eyes, mouth, and jaw. Not to mention the shape, size, and height of her cheeks are different as well.

    To say that plastic surgery is the same as getting braces is a ridiculous and uneducated statement. Plastic/cosmetic surgery is SURGERY and not to be taken lightly. It usually requires the removal of flesh, bone, muscles and the permanent implantation of unnatural substances into the body. Many patients are sedated and have to face recovery time, the risk of infections or nerve damage and they usually have to be careful of how they move from then on so that the work isn’t damaged.

    It scares me that people are normalizing/justifying something so serious that usually stems from an unhealthy view of self, based on false/warped airbrushed standards. And that this is plaguing young females is rather disheartening for the future of the overall female psyche.

    It’s also scary that most forums and sites I have been to, seem to ignore it as nothing important or refuse to acknowledge that any change took place. I’ll say it again this girl had God given beauty on the outside that matched her personality on the inside. And the altered downgrade of her physical appearance is an irreversible reminder of a young persons’ insecurities or the ultimate results of company pressure telling her that the ‘She’ thousands of fans had fallen in love with over the years wasn’t good enough.

    Sorry for the essay

    • You’re over-sensationalizing and too emotional about this issue. I’m just saying that if someone wants to be a lizard-man, I’m not gonna stop him. If you’re saying braces is a totally different ballgame simply because it doesn’t involve incisions, THAT is ridiculous, especially after your last two paragraphs about how your heart weeps for those who are struggling with self-image; you are under-estimating how many people get braces simply in pursuit of an “ideal” smile.

      And there’s nothing to be “scared” of. You are not in the minority for thinking cosmetic surgery is not a good solution. You’re not the rebel alliance, or the 300 spartans fighting a losing battle in Thermoplyae; You are preaching to the choir.

  4. Fans of Soo Young

    i think hmm
    soo young is beauty
    why we must buzy of her work or plasstic sugery??

  5. Fans of Soo Young

    i think
    u r not the fans of soo young
    but u pretending to be her fans!!

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