Why Hello There, Didn’t Notice You.

December of 2010 was a hectic one, and it seems that I’ve overlooked a debut release.  It’s another idol group that came out this year called “Sakura Gakuin”, with ten members.  It looks like the group is in it for the long haul, as their ages range from 11-14.

Their debut single, “Hello! IVY”, is upbeat, catchy, and has a school-chorus sound. I’m a sucker for anthems, and this is a pretty kick-ass one. The rhythm and melody shares a lot of similarities with old school punk, like The Blue Hearts.  Anyway, it was catchy and different enough to keep my attention, and the PV is a great introduction to the group.

An idol group’s first PV usually consists of several “behind the scenes” montages of the girls, and I think “Hello! IVY” showcases them really well.  The members appear personable and actually look like they’re having fun being in the group together.

If they stick around for a while, I can see them picking up steam and getting popular in the idol scene.


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