Where is Idoling!!!?

There was a time when Idoling!!! was sneaking up the path to becoming my second favorite idol group. SKE had not developed into the powerhouse they currently are. Morning Musume had not added their new generation of members. Momoiro Clover were just debuting and still unproven.

So how did they drop the ball so bad?

It’s hard for me to put my finger on it due to the lack of information here in the states about Idoling, but I have to believe they were doing some promotions in Japan. They weren’t just sitting around doing nothing were they?

Looking back on their track record, Idoling!!! has always been kind of sporadic with their music releases. There would be a sprinkle here and there of a new single that mainly that’s how it’s been. It’s definitely something they’ll have to change if they want to stay on the minds of pop fans. Especially now that there is amazing idol music coming out nearly every week.

It’s a shame too because Idoling!!! had pretty good momentum rolling into last holiday. They had just added five new members. They had a good showing at MUSIC JAPAN. They release two above average singles.

Then they went MIA for three months. Released an awkward clingy single. Then MIA for another 3 months. Late Valentine Single and Quiet Album release. And then now, we haven’t seen anything from then again for 3 months.

I really want to like this group but it’s near impossible when there are no releases. Also I’m skeptical of how much individual promotions they get. Are they not popular? Or is it a case of no fans putting these shows up because of the difficulties obtaining through proper channels? Either way, someone’s blocking these girls from becoming more popular and I don’t like it.


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  1. Yeah, where is Idoling!!!? I’ve heard a few of their releases but they don’t seem to have anything else (that’s easily accessible) that could let me become more invested in them. It sucks because the way things are right now all they’ll ever really be to me is “that one idol group who releases a single every now and then”.

  2. They are doing alright. They still have tv show every week on Fuji TV. Their CS TV show still running every 2-3 days, and now already at 754+ episodes. They still doing Shinahachi live every weekend. They event created 20 iPhone games, each produced by Idoling!!! members. They never missing. Idoling!!! born from a TV show, so it is obvious their TV show is their main job. Singing is actually second to them. They don’t have music staffs, they are all TV workers.

    They are going to release new single called “Don’t think. Feel!!!” in 7/27. It will be Fairy Tail new ending song and also the title for their 10th live which will be held on 6/26. Their tickets sold out fast than ever before. Also they will participate again at Odaiba Gasshuukoku 2011, a full month of open-air live at Odaiba in July-August.

    As you can see, they never get out of Fuji TV. It’s pretty difficult to get invited to big TV show like Music Japan or Music Station if you have a big TV station’s name behind. Yet, they never appear on Fuji TV’s own music show, like HEY!x3, Music Fair, Ongaku banzuke, etc. Why ? Because Fuji TV only support their TV show, not their music. So their music is pretty much independent work, and they have no staff experienced with it. Pony Canyon’s marketing sucks.

    I don’t have any interest in idol group, only Idoling!!! So if you have anything to ask about them, send me email. heart.captor.sakura(at)gmail.com or you can mention my twitter @hii_no_shitsuji

  3. That’s basically it. They’re still well known in the idol scene, but many idol fans overseas just don’t have easy access, especially after the fiasco with the idoling!!! episode torrents and whatnot.

    For me their music was always spotty and it was pretty clear that it wasn’t a big focus of theirs, but that’s basically what most average fans like us have the most access to.

  4. SuzukiRyo hit it right on the head. Idoling!!! has been an extremely active group, just not in the way overseas J-Pop fans expect typical idol groups to be. I don’t think it’s fair to say that a group with a semi-daily TV show, a weekly TV show, numerous Web-exclusive TV shows, and weekly concerts has gone MIA.

    The biggest problem with Idoling!!! is that they’re the most unconventional “idol” group in the industry today. I even hesitate to give them the label of “idol group” because it brings too many assumptions. To truly see the charm of this group, you have to make an effort to understand the concept behind the group and their goals within the Japanese entertainment industry. Overseas J-Pop fans look at Idoling!!! within the mold of a typical Japanese idol group and end up being disappointed because they don’t do things the typical Japanese idol way.

    Idoling!!!’s focus has and always will be their TV show. Their TV show was airing for almost an entire year before they had their CD debut. I have been an Idoling!!! fan since 2007, and I’ve come to realize that this formula does not translate to a lot of success among overseas J-Pop fans. Those who watch the group and understand the TV show know that it is one of the most entertaining variety shows on Japanese TV. But, most overseas J-Pop fans don’t even bother trying to watch the TV show. Some try to sample the TV show, but most of them just pass it off as slapstick comedy or call it boring because they can’t understand what the girls are saying. When you don’t understand the language, it’s hard to see the great personalities of each girl and the tight-knit chemistry the members have with each other. Combine that with the comedic genius of the staff and MC Bakarhythm, and the end result is a variety show that rivals the best in Japan.

    Music may not be the main focus of Idoling!!!, but it’s definitely not something they ignore. Those who follow the group know that Idoling!!! has a very talented group of musicians working behind the scenes, bringing fresh ideas to an unconventional idol group. Idoling!!!’s A-sides may not be very impressive, but their B-sides and album tracks tend to be of higher quality than most. Idoling!!!’s main concerts are always backed by a live band, whose members seem to have personalities that are as bright and colorful as the Idoling!!! members themselves, resulting in very fun and entertaining shows. Idoling!!! and the band members recently did an acoustic concert for charity to aid the earthquake victims, bringing yet another interesting idea to the table. Just because overseas J-Pop fans don’t hear much about Idoling!!!’s activities, it doesn’t mean they’re sitting around doing nothing.

    To be honest, Idoling!!! is one of the most accessible idol groups to the overseas J-Pop fans… Almost their entire library of music and video are available for direct download. No jumping through hoops on BitTorrent or other P2P services. It’s not that hard to find. You just need to search a little bit.

    BTW, when did 4 singles and 1 album per year become a slow release schedule?

  5. You’re right. 4 Singles and an album is pretty standard.
    But then why do I feel like they’ve been on a hiatus?

    Is it their release schedule? Too spread out throughout the year?
    Instead of a couple quick fire singles leading up to an album release.

    It’s good to see some Idoling!!! fans speaking up. Maybe you guys could talk about your favorite members.

  6. I think a lot of it is because of the lack of promotion for their singles. Like SuzukiRyo said, they don’t appear on a lot of TV shows to promote their new songs, not even on their home network, Fuji TV. It seems like every day we hear about ***48 or *random K-Pop group* performing their newest single on a multitude of TV shows. But, the last TV show Idoling!!! performed on was that Music Japan appearance you mentioned in the article.

    I don’t really know for sure who to blame for that… Maybe the Idoling!!! staff focuses too much on the TV show. Or, maybe they’re trying, but they’re not getting enough support from Fuji TV or Pony Canyon. No one really knows for sure, but it’s very obvious that, when it comes to promotion for music releases, Idoling!!! gets treated like a red-headed stepchild.

  7. if you’re solely basing on the music promotions to get into the group then you’re definitely at the wrong doorstep, because idoling is really all about their TV appearance. IMO it is a group that you would grow to appreciate rather than just grow to love them.

    idoling is probably the idol group that have produced so much on their own but goes unknown to others. they have written songs, composed music, given birth to many segments in their own shows and have a list of awesome resume for nearly every member. the only catch is you can never learn about it unless you follow the tv show. the only real problem is the language barrier, otherwise. I’m sure that idoling could be just as famous as other rising idol group.

    what other idol group that have rap, metal, kpop, rockabilly genres in their arsenal of songs?

    but the language barrier….

  8. Idoling!!! overseas fanbase is small, but we always hope and work to expand it. But, Fuji TV network is so powerful, wiping out everything we do to promote Idoling!!! Torrent, DDL, YouTube, etc. So all we can do now is maintaining this small fanbase, inside other group’s headquarter: ( forum.jphip.com/index.php?board=122.0 ) But we always hope, we always want them to be famous.

  9. If there are bilingual fans that want to help Idoling!!! become well-known overseas, how about doing some subbing? BTW, in light of what some have suggested about them not releasing or appearing that much, the English homonym seems rather ironic doesn’t it?

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