When pretty lights and wotagei meet

Every since my voyage into the idol world, I’ve always been amazed how fans of idol music were so much different then fans of other music genres. If we took a rock concert as an example, most of the time fans would just be bobbing their heads up and down and pumping their fist to the rhythm of the music and overall having a good time. One thing I instantly noticed during my first idol concert was the sense of connection that the fans had with the Idols on stage. The chants and the movements were all synced and you could even see the girls on stage chant along with the crowd during certain moments of the concert. The sea of glowsticks in the concert hall was awesome to witness as I’ve always admired them from across a computer screen watching these Idol concerts with envy and a yearning to one day have my glowsticks be part of that crowd

I was introduced to a youtube video of some awesome coordinated wotagei moves involving glow sticks and I was in awe at how awesome these guys were with their glow stick work. Definitely the music helped with the enjoyment of the video, but mostly seeing the guys wotagei in some dark park with only glow sticks lighting up the screen was a joy to watch. I’m sure these guys must have gone through many glowsticks to get this routine done right.

Going back to my old post about being cool or not while doing wotagei, why wouldn’t anyone wanna be able to do this? Or am I really that uncool…..

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  1. Man, if more people saw this, more people would want to be a wota. ;) This is pretty awesome.

    Also, whenever they threw the glowsticks into the fountain I couldn’t help thinking, “THEY’RE LITTERING.” Heh. Still, I wish I could do this.

  2. Oh god that was so cool! Shiny lights, hitting the beats. Very very nice~. The way they just chucked their glow sticks in the sky gave more of a nice feeling seeing the lights go far and fade away.

  3. This is so cool! At first I didn’t realize the others on the floor so I was kinda surprised when a group of glowsticks glew up.

  4. Finally I understand what the purpose of the swinging arms is all about. Without glowsticks it just looks eccentric, but with them on the they reveal the apparent beauty of the movements…or something like that… ;)

    And yes, SleepyOtaku, they are littering indeed…

  5. Agreed, people swinging their arms looks quite silly at times, but with glowsticks and the perfect rhythm, It actually looks REALLY awsome!!

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