What’s the Next Step?

While I completely agree Dae’s previous post about Akimoto resigning, there’s not really much we the fans can do about it. The situation has already played itself out quite poorly and regardless of whether it’s the article’s fault or Sayaka overreacting, I see little hope of a reversal or reinstatement as Team K captain. Currently I am even still unsure if I feel Sayaka would resign on her own or if it was a case of management pressuring her into resigning. Either way we’ll never truly know.

What we do know is that Team K is without a Captain. And a decision has to be made regarding who is capable of filling that role. There are names that come to mind immediately. Oshima Yuko, Itano Tomomi, Miyazawa Sae, and Minegishi Minami. They are the most qualified and recognizable. While the popular choice may be to go with Yuko, I’ll say it’s not the right decision.

If you look at all other teams, the most popular members are never the Captain. Maeda – Takahashi. Watanabe – Kashiwagi. The leadership roles are fallen back on another member if not because they are more responsible then purely for the fact that it frees the popular member up to do other things, ie promotional work, personal work, or just being the face of the group. Oshima is not only the most popular member in Team K but currently she is the center piece for AKB as well. While Tron and I were in Japan, she was the only member not present at the Team K theater performance. She cannot be captain because she needs to be free to attend to other opportunities.

That just leaves Itano, Minegishi, and Miyazawa. It should be obvious who the new Team K Captain should be.

Miyazawa Sae.

Why her? You’re right. Itano is more popular. And Minegishi is just as popular as Miyazawa. But that’s not what is important here. What’s most important is keeping the spirit of Team K going. And after the shuffle, Ono’s graduation, and the recent scandal Sae is clearly the strong point in Team K. She’s easily recognizable. She’s an original Team K member. She’ll quickly win the approval from most fans. She’s full of energy and is an embodiment of Team K. And as far as challenges, she always performed well and always competes on the same level as Sayaka. If there were a person worthy enough of taking the job from Akimoto, it would be Miyazawa, so I see no reason not to give it to her now that the position is open.

This is a move that has to happen. There can’t be any playing around or JanKen tournaments. This sort of thing involving scandal rumors and the fallout have to be taken care of and moved one with. If anything we should be glad that Akimoto Sayaka is still around. It wasn’t an actual scandal and she’s still in the group. I’m proud of her for sticking it out and remaining in the group even though she’ll obviously have difficulties moving past all this.


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