What I'm Listening To…UTADA

They wouldn’t let me embed the video here, so here’s the link.

Utada – Come Back To Me

I’ve always liked Utada Hikaru. Her music isn’t exactly my choice genre, but I could completely fall for her personality. Even a song like this, I could relate to because she’s singing it. It’s her release for the US  which she’s trying to break into. I’d like for her to succeed but it looks very hard.

I would totally forgive her,

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  1. Her music isnt really my genre either..but i could relate to what your saying..

  2. Well, I first heard of her from the Kingdom Hearts games and after that I’ve been a fan. I don’t think she’s been able to get through to the other music fanbases unfortunately.

  3. I love her, too, but I’m not a fan of her English stuff as much as I am of her Japanese releases. I have yet to hear her second english album, but I know her first was a tough one to manage. “Easy Breezy” wasn’t exactly the best song to make for the radio. . . lyrics were just too silly. Hopefully this one will turn out for the better for her.

    Or at the least, BoA is trying to release a US album. If BoA takes off, which I think she will with her poppy-dance music, maybe Utada can follow in after her. Bigger Utada fan, though. Hope it all works out for them both.

  4. I’d say that thanks to Kingdom Hearts she already has at least some sort of a following in America. If not a mainstream success, she might at least have a cult following among anime circles. I have a feeling that’s where it’ll stay, however. I doubt many non-anime fans would care for her unfortunately.

    In other news, I couldn’t tell if this song would exactly into your taste, but I like it, so I thought I’d let you listen if you feel like it.

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