What I'm Listening To…..BASE BALL BEAR~!

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5lzBc0jwj4] One of my favorite bands, if not my favorite band. Base Ball Bear has a new single called Kamigami LOOKS YOU.

I like the video, but felt that it could have been done a little better and a little more creatively. That doesn’t take anything from the song though as I think it’s great and a different sound than I’m used to from Base Ball Bear.

One thing I’ve always loved from this band is Bassist Sekine Shiori’s voice. They way the band uses it to back up the main vocals echos in my thoughts. I can’t get the sound out of my mind and it stays with me throughout the day. Another thing I’ve always loved about this band is they always just seem to be hanging out being friends, like at the end of the video.

The new single comes out next week, April 15

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