What a Coinkidink!

A photographer in Guam just happened to come across a PV shooting that was taking place for AKB’s next single!  Considering the photographer seemed to have no idea who they were at the time, I’m baffled as to how these photos found their way to us. Anyway, here are a few:

So there you have it, ALL THE SECRETS REVEALED: There’s Oshima, Kojima, Itano, and a mustang convertible. Now you practically know the PV! You can see a couple more photos here.  You could tell the photographer was fixated on Kojima, HAHA.

To those who didn’t like AKB’s slower, conservative ‘Sakura no Ki ni Narou’, you got this headed your way!  Ponytail to Shushu also took place in Guam and it ended up being my favorite PV of 2010, so I’m pretty excited.


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