Watarirouka Hashiritai

for those who don’t know, ‘watarirouka hashiritai’ is a subgroup created in 2009 consisting of members watanabe mayu, ohta aika, nakagawa haruka, hirajima natsumi, and kikuchi ayaka.

(debut single ‘hatsukoi dash’)

what’s interesting is that this was announced by akimoto yasushi to be a reincarnation of his subgroup that existed with ‘onyanko club’, called ‘ushirogami hikaretai’.  just as akb48 was his successor to onkyanko club, it seems yasushi was nostalgic for his old subgroups as well.  perhaps we can expect a modern version of ‘ushiroyubi sasaregumi’ sometime.

many of the members themselves are big fans of anime, and it’s clear that they cater to that audience.  they’ve already provided songs for the anime ‘fairy tale’ and anime adaptation of the video game ‘blue dragon’.

(‘akkanbe bashi’)

their popularity has been growing steadily through the past year or so, having debuted with 10th place on the oricon charts, to nabbing the number one spot with their first 2010 single, ‘akkanbe bashi’, selling double the number of singles.

to say they are cute would be the understatement of the year.  their songs are saturated with sugar and fluff, but occasionally they provide interesting lyrics or musical choices that differentiate them from other bands that provide a similar sound.

(kanpeki gu-no ne)

my favorite single by them so far has to be ‘kanpeki gu-no ne’.  it has great energy, dance, and lyrics that supplement each other very well.

i’m not someone who enjoys and seeks out cute songs, so i think it says something when a group like watarirouka hashiritai can make me enjoy them.  maybe more than i should.

well, the main reason for this post was to show their newly released PV for their latest single, ‘seishun no flag’, which translates roughly to ‘flag of youth’.  it’s not blowing me away, but time will tell.  here it is!

(seishun no flag)

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