Watanabe Mayu in My Shin Seiki Evangelion?

Among my interests that lie in Japan, the two largest things I’ve become a fan of are idols, and Shin Seiki Evangelion. I never would have thought these two fandoms would actually meet each other in any way, but there it is. Watanabe Mayu was chosen to promote the television airing of the second new Evangelion film(which is awesome by the way) in the form of CMs, which will be shown in a couple days.

Mayu’s flirted with Evangelion a few times, with cosplaying and singing the theme song somewhat recently on ‘Naruhodo High School’, but being chosen to actually promote the movie, to me, is something to nerd out about. I just wish they would have let her cosplay as different characters of Evangelion in each CM; My mind probably couldn’t take it.


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  1. Mayuyu is the only reason im interested in this :-D
    But i wasnt expecting them to show it again in tv format :O

  2. There is something about cute little Mayu that makes her incredibly creepy. The kind of creepy that makes you afraid to take your eyes off her because she might knife you in the back. I’d pay tremendous amounts of money to see an AKB horror movie with Mayu as the evil villain, in a Friday the 13th type of scenario.

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