I’ve talked about this on the 12th podcast, and wanted to elaborate about it here.

I first heard about Tokyo Girls’ Style at the Music Japan Idol Special that aired early 2010. At the special they performed ‘Onnaji Kimochi’; an easy-going simplistic song that sounded nice, but was more or less forgettable. A few months later Tokyo Girls’ Style released ‘Ganbatte Itsu Datte Shinjiteru’, which to me seemed even more unspectacular than the last, even if it was a sweet song; it wasn’t as catchy as ‘Onnaji Kimochi’, and was a snooze-fest overall.

Looking for more, I came across their debut single, ‘Kirari’.  It had a pretty strong melody, and had much more to like. This and the fact that the members of Tokyo Girls’ Style are extremely young kept me from dismissing it overall; it meant they had plenty of years to develop their image and talents as singers, and it would be interesting to see if they would make it big somewhere down the line.

Well I’m really glad I kept my eye on them, because their latest single, ‘Himawari to Hoshikuzu’, is refreshing, fun, and blows away anything they’ve released before. Everything about this song is great; the way the guitar quietly introduces the song before exploding into the solid chorus line is fantastic. The well-organized dance that is executed with precision behind the mic stands that serve as part of the choreograph all screamed quality. The instrumental track, production value and musical maturity had all of a sudden seemingly increased tenfold with this new song. I don’t know if their label Avex started to pour more money into them, or if the producers wanted to go in a completely different direction, but whatever it is, I like it a lot.

Atron and David have said on the podcast that it’s difficult to classify this particular single as ‘idol music’, a genre that is usually optimistic, high-energy pop that allows for fans to integrate chants or some kind of choreographed, audible reverberation(also called ‘mixes’) to go along with the song; something that ‘Himawari to Hoshikuzu’ seems to lack.

But even so, Tokyo Girls’ Style is an idol group, and seeing them perform a song that is not particularly associated with ‘idol music’ is very refreshing and always welcome in my book.

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