Underappreciated Idol Power Rankings Feb 2014

Underground Idol Power Rankings Jan 2014

This is Charlie bringing you the Power Rankings of the Underappreciated Idol Category for February 2014. The criteria used were weekly singles rankings, fluctuation in visibility, and general fan response and promotions taken from the month of January.

LinQ (Pronounced "Link")With their new single topping the weekly charts and growing popularity LinQ comes out on top this month, look for them to make a splash onto the national stage in the coming months.
FudanjukuTheir newest single Chenmen Paradise topped the charts this month, with their appearences on Music Star with Idoling, S/mileage, and Ultra Girl giving them a decent boost
Brand-new idol SocietyWith their strong showing in the charts and their shocking and weird nature, puts them solidly in the middle of the road, how will they fair in the months to come?
Why@Doll (Pronounced
"Y Doll")

Made a surprising showing this month with their single Sunrise ~Kimi ga kureta kibou~ coming in at number 10 on the weekly charts, this will be a group to definitely watch out for in the coming months.
While their showing wasn't as strong as the other groups coming in at only 34th in the top 50, their retro sound and video certainly makes them standout among the masses of idol groups, and certianly one to put on your watch list

Check back next month to see who made moves during the month of February to get on the March list!

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  1. Great article. Was cool to see and nice how you laid it out.

  2. Had no idea that WHY@DOLL release charted, that’s cool. It’s a pretty good single.

  3. Hell yea LINQ! Looking forward to see them grow even more in popularity.

  4. so BiS is still considered underground although they are under avex? It can’t be helped I guess. Sad to hear they are going to disband this year, though.

    • I can’t say BiS is really underground but it’s hard to come up with precise titles. It basically comes down to either ignore the group because they aren’t underground and don’t fit the other catagories.
      I’m looking at this as more of an underground as a pop cult style than the indie style as well.
      Of course I’m up for name suggestions if you guys have any.

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