Underappreciated Idol Power Rankings September 2014


This month is possibly the worst power ranking I’ve had to do, it started out alright but by the time I got about half way through I was ready to crawl into bed and pass out from sheer boredom. This month had some pretty boring and terrible releases and I almost thought it was going to turn into a “which single put me to sleep the least” scenario but I think I managed to find some good stuff this month, let’s take a look.

Party RocketsParty Rockets' latest single "Kasabuta" takes the top spot this month. Party Rockets has had a rough ride with members leaving and the group shrinking down to just 3 members but through it all they have stuck to their pop rock style which is one of the major factors in them ranking so high. Being predictable can be a bad thing but it can be a comfort to the fans knowing exactly what they are going to get when they go to a show, especially with so many idol groups seeming to change their style with every single. "Kasabuta" itself is a solid rock song with a Spanish(?) influenced break down, the vocals sound rougher and lower pitched and mix excellently with the instrumentals. If you like rock definitely check out Party Rockets.
Terashima YufuWith Yufu's latest single "Campanula no Yuutsu" you again get exactly what you expect, a light laid back song following in the same vain as her previous single. "Campanula no Yuutsu" has a very laid back island instrumental track with Yufu providing wispy airy vocals that are spot on for the song. Certainly you won't be getting pumped up to Yufu's songs but if you are wanting to just lay back and relax definitely give her singles a listen.
Himekyun Fruit CanHimekyun has been a group that is hit or miss for me and after checking their previous singles I'm pretty sure it's the vocals being the cause of the misses. "Paradigm" is a rock song in keeping with their previous singles but they are almost the opposite of Party Rockets with smooth and higher pitched vocals, but with break downs that work well with these higher vocals when the solo lines come in. The song is well mixed and also has a nice flow.
PaletWhen I think of Palet I tend to think of either typical idol songs or ballad type songs. Songs that are very relaxed and slow to mid paced, okay songs but nothing special. When I first saw their latest single "Victory" I was prepared to be disappointed, with a title like "Victory" it makes me think of power and energy and I went in fully expecting it to start out that way and then drop into a slow underwhelming song, but "Victory" did not deliver disappointment to me. The song starts out with power and energy and it keeps going, though the song feels deliberately paced to keep you at a certain level of hype. I don't know exactly how to describe the instrumentals, it sounds like some horns with an electric guitar and possibly a piano backing. The vocals are smooth and on point for how it's deliberately paced. Check out "Victory" but don't expect the rest of Palet's discography to follow in the same feel.
NegipeciaThis sounds like a great idea right? Take Negicco and combine them with the retro idol group Especia and you could do some interesting stuff with them. Then you listen to the song or watch the PV for "Girl's Life" and you let out a sigh of disappointment. I guess if you liked Negicco's retro summer song and you like Especia's retro style then "Girl's Life" wouldn't be a disappointment. That sums up the song well though it's very easy listening, something I could see playing in a doctors office or travel agency which makes sense with the PV being a gaint commercial for resort or travel location. The song is not bad, it's just disappointing with what they could have done with these two groups, though it's good exposure for Especia.

There were a few other songs I considered like Predia, Yamaguchi Kessai Gakuen and Super Girls, but for the most part this month just felt like all the groups were trying to put me into a coma. Check out Garry’s “This Week in Music” for most of the other songs consider and let us know who you think should have ranked instead.

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