Underappreciated Idol Power Rankings October 2014


We are back for another month of idol power rankings. Just taking a look at the releases that came out this month, it’s already looking ten times better than last month. So, let’s take a look and see who stood out as the best.

Bitter & SweetTasaki Asahi and Hasegawa Moemi - the girls of Bitter & Sweet have quickly come onto my radar as ones to watch out for, and their 2nd single "Darenimo Naisho / Gesshoku" has not disappointed at all. The arrangement of the instrumentals, the vocal melodies used, even the purity and quality of their voices match so well for the duet and dual harmonies. Speaking directly of "Darenimo Naisho / Gesshoku", the songs have an instant hook that pulls you in and makes you want to listen to the song. The PVs are just as well done, making you wonder just what the chemistry between the girls is, and allowing their charisma to shine through.
X21X21 brings us their new song "Happy Appli" this month. To be honest, I nearly put X21 below LinQ but as I started to write and really think about "Happy Appli", it occurred to me that it's really the better song. The instrumentals have a lot of horns but more diversity than LinQ, while the vocal melodies work better and are more interesting. Even though I would consider "Happy Appli" to be a pretty standard idol song, it shows that those types of songs don't have to feel stale or boring.
LinQLinQ's latest single "Wessai!! Gassai!!" brings us a hyper active song that is just really fun to rock out with. While I certainly can't say I'm invested in them, they seem to always have good solid songs. I honestly don't know what else to say about the song, the instrumentals have a lot of horns and a good bass line.
CupitronI'm giving this month's 4th position to Cupitron with their debut single "Unicorn Parade". Even though I like this song, normally anything this heavily synthesized and auto-tuned would be a turn off for me, but when it fits the atmosphere of the song it works very well. We have been seeing an increase in Vocoloid style idol songs recently and while I don't know if this was written by someone who normally does Vocoloid music, it gives me that impression. So if that's the type of music you like, give them a listen.
NEO from Idoling!!!NEO have brought us some pretty good songs previous to "Kimi to Ita Natsu" and maybe they should be ranked higher but this song feels really far off their previous singles. It's still a solid, good song but it's not up to their previous level and, I hate to say standard, but that is the word that comes to mind. For the song itself, the instrumentals feel subdued and while letting the vocals shine through, I don't feel they pack any real punch to them. Maybe with the name change comes a change in direction, and if that is the case I'm very much against it and hope their next single is better.

There wasn’t a lot that stood out this month but we are kind of in the slow period of the year for idol music. Hopefully in the next month or so we will see some real gems show up. Check out “This Week in Music” for more of this month’s releases and tell us how you would rank the singles and what your favorite single was this month.

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