Underappreciated Idol Power Rankings May 2014


It’s that time again, where we reveal the power rankings for April. Looking at the releases this month there were a lot of strong candidates, in fact it was really tough for me to place anyone because they are all very solid, but let’s see what we ended up with.

Dream5This was a really tough choice but I think Dream5 are this month's big winners with "Break Out / Yokai Taiso Daiichi". "Break Out" is a solid song, with a good dance beat. While it doesn't do anything new in this day and age it also does nothing wrong, while the PV brings a breath of fresh air with its black and white simplistic styling. "Yokai Taiso Daiichi" panders to the younger fans and is for an anime so I'll forgive them for what I've heard of it so far.
FantaRhymeI think everyone here at NSK has been taken in by the charm and styling of FantaRhyme. The composition of their music and the vocal work is excellent and even if you don't like the style you can't deny the talent they have and the effort they put in. A perfect example of this is their new single "Eye of the Wise" with Ayu and Saya harmonizing. It's all simply done but in a way that I could listen to it for hours at a time. Though their PVs are beyond low budget they make them work and don't try to be flashy for the sake of being flashy. Honestly between FantaRhyme and Dream5 it was a toss up which one got the top spot this month.
Trick8fTrick8f offers us a very well composed song with "Hello Again". This song has a melancholic opening that transitions into a more upbeat tone and then back again. That seems to follow with the vocal style, that fits very well if that is the mood you are in. Honestly I wasn't sure this song would make it because of the mood of it, but I feel it's one of the best produced and executed songs this month.
Doll ElementsThis one also almost didn't make it onto the ranking but as I listened to it more I realized just how well “Kimi no Tonari de Odoritai!” was put together with regards to the vocals and music. It bounces around from this mellow almost music box feel to a bassy dance beat. The vocals follow again to match the music, but it's in the transitions that it falls short with fairly jarring shifts, as well as being in a style that I wouldn't normally listen to.
Yumemiru AdolescenceFor our last spot this month we have Yumemiru Adolescence who honestly in the PV for “Mawaru Sekai” remind me of Faeries with their fashion. The song itself is fairly upbeat but it has one of my biggest pet peeves in it, that being that the vocals nearly disappear into the music. If I'm listening to a song I want to hear both and not have to strain to hear one or the other, but they show us they have the potential to challenge the bigger groups.

This has honestly been the hardest month to rank. Himekyun Fruit Can, Idoling NEO, Star☆T, Party Rockets and Up Up Girls could have all easily made it in any other month. I seriously sat here for about 3 hours listening to all of the different songs and with some it was a toss up if they would make it or not.

Let me know what you think or how you would have ranked them in the comments.

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