Underappreciated Idol Power Rankings Mar 2014

It’s a new month! So here are the new rankings based on the events that happened during the month of February. This is a compilation for all the idol groups who aren’t part of the two main idol promotions. Check back over the next few days for the Hello! Project and AKS Power Rankings.

BabyMETALTheir debut album ranked #1 on the US/UK Metal ranking in iTunes for a time, along with a solid Oricon performance. Sending them to the top with their kawaii fox metal power. Check out the PV for Gimme Choco.
Tokyo Girl's Style
TGS always has a strong showing putting them right on the cusp but not quite pushing them over. This month's Partition Love is no different, sending them solidly into the number 2 spot.
Galette with their second single "Jajauma to Yobanaide / Candy Pop" have given us a strong showing of what they are capable of and hopefully of things to come. They also have ex-HKT member Komori Yui. We hope to see them rise high in the future.
Terashima YufuEx-BiS member Yufu said she wanted to be more idol-like and proves she can do it with her first single "Yuflight". This has given me an appreciation for Yufu that I didn't have while she was in BiS and I look forward to her future.
Yamaguchi Kassei GakuenWho are they you say? Honestly I can't say I know anything about them other than they have been around since 2011. Their 4th single "idream" has put them on my radar though, and I'll be looking into them more in the future.

The Underappreciated Idol Rankings change drastically from month to month so be sure to go back and check out the previous month’s rankings.

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