Underappreciated Idol Power Rankings June 2014


It’s that time of the month again, time for another idol Power Ranking. We had some pretty big names release new music this month and some that even made me go “Who?” but let’s see who made it into the chart this time around.

Momoiro Clover ZI guess I really can't deny Momoiro Clover Z the number one spot. "Naitemo Iindayo" while certainly not what I want from them, is still a solid song, and it's a step up from their last single "Gounn". The tie-in with Akumu-chan certainly didn't hurt Momoclo's month either.
Tokyo Girls' StyleTokyo Girls' Style's feature horror movie "Gakkou no Kaidan -Noroi no Kotodama-" and the newest single coming out of "Jujika" seem to have been missed by many with only 6,700 copies of the single sold in its first week on sale. Perhaps it's the gothic style of the PV, or maybe the perceived mature theme and people not realizing or accepting that the girls are now young women.

Whatever the case, I can't ignore that this is an excellent song with a solid instrument track that flows well with the vocals. Honestly, I think Tokyo Girls' Style releases songs that could be considered sleeper hits and take awhile to catch on but never see the large one time sales numbers of other groups.
BabyraidsI can't say exactly why I like Babyraids' new single "Bucchake Rock`n Hacchake Roll". The song is rather simple, there aren't really any complex instrumental sections or anything like that, but its got a hook that pulls you in and makes you enjoy it. It ranked 4th on the Oricon charts with 21,000 copies sold so apparently I'm not the only one that was drawn into it. Babyraids has appeared to take the slow and steady route to their idol career and it seems to be paying off for them at last.
ANNA☆SANNA☆S' latest single "Jinsei! Maji Mottainaiyo!" is another song where I would say that things are simple but they know what they have and how to use it to their advantage. The vocal work added to the backing track and the harmonies work well together. While they ranked 13th on Oricon with only 5,500 copies sold, ranking in that area means that they should get at least some attention.
Giselle4Giselle4 make their second ever appearance on our Power Rankings, this time with their single "Steppin' Back". While I don't feel it's as good as their last single "Sayonara Sayonara", I really enjoy the jazz that they bring to the table. It offers up something different from most of the other groups out there. They come in 5th this month, one because they are a relative unknown, and two because they fall into the category of having overly repetitive lyrics, something that I disdain so much about western music.

Many of you reading this are probably wondering where groups like Team Syachihoko, BiS, Idoling!!! and Fairies are and I’ll be brutally honest, I just found the singles from BiS and Fairies way to generic to justify ranking them. Team Syachihoko almost made it but when I really listened to “Iikurashi“, it doesn’t start getting interesting and drawing you in until nearly half way into its seven minute run time. Idoling!!! could have made it in but with such a short version of their song available, it’s hard to judge it.

Let me know how you feel about the rankings, what you would have changed and why in the comments below.

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