Underappreciated Idol Power Rankings August 2014


We are back for another Power Ranking and this month there is no shortage of releases (at my count a whopping 45 this month alone), and I get the oh so delightful job of trying to narrow it down to just 5. So let’s get this show on the road and see what we’ve got.

Dempagumi.incDempagumi gives us exactly what we expect from them with "Chururi Chururia". The song is chaotic, noisy and energetic, with a touch of tradition mixed in. The vocals follow the same trend as the music, ranging from the typical anime style to almost normal, all the way to stage theatrics. So why number one this month? Honestly for being exactly what is expected by fans. It has the makings to be an awesome live song, and it makes me want to get up and dance.
NegiccoWhen I was sat listening to "Summer Nihonkai" I'll be honest, it probably wouldn't have made the list and certainly not this high. It's a great laid back, easy listening song which is a bit of a breath of fresh air with all of the poppy summer songs coming out. It then occurred to me that we also had the coupling song "Festival de Aimashou". Normally I don't get the chance when writing this to hear all of the tracks on a single. If "Festival de Aimashou" had been the A-side from the start there would have been no question of it ranking. The funky, easy going beat with the catchy vocals brings this single easily into the number 2 spot.
Mahoujyoushi SirenThis was a tough decision as LinQ and Mahoujyoushi battled it out over the third spot. I listened to both songs several times and "Falling Summer edged out the win with the more island inspired instrumentals. I also feel they aren't as noisy and aren't just adding instruments and sounds because they can. The deeper and fuller vocals also pushed it ahead. Without a doubt a summer song, but without following the usual trends.
LinQ"Natsukoi" doesn't really follow the trends either, but it has some issues. The instrumentals are noisy, I think my biggest gripe is too much percussion in it, I do really like the horns though and honestly wish there was more. The main vocals are good and blend well with the music and the background vocals aren't just background vocals, they are prominently featured but are almost to low to hear and could really use a boost in volume. It's a good high energy song but one to be taken in small doses or you'll end up fatigued listening to it.
Death RabbitsMost of you are probably asking yourselves "Who?" right about now. Death Rabbits are vaguely similar to Babymetal, they mix hardcore and idol, but that is not at all what you get with their newest single "Omatsuri Japan!! Kokuhaku Night". I won't say the instrumentals are completely idol like but much more so then previous singles, the vocals are clean and crisp with Emi (12) providing the leads and Karen (13) and Yuzu (13) providing their own small solo lines and the chorus and that is where the real problem comes in. The chorus in all three of their singles sounds very similar and while it's a nice chorus, a little variety would be welcome. Still, it's a fun song.

So this month was pretty interesting and rather difficult to decide, not because there were a lot of great songs, but because it seemed to be the month of “We heard you really like this style, here have a dozen”. Certainly I could have put in Momoiro Clover Z, but I don’t know if they really fit the theme of this power ranking anymore.

Let us know what you think of the ranking and what you would have ranked instead.

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