Two Scandals with One Stone

Yonezawa Rumi’s personal twitter account was exposed, which led to her yfrog(image hosting service), holding many pictures with her and Hirajima Natsumi that implied them having relationships. Her mixi account was also revealed, talking about having had a 4 year relationship while in AKB, and openly expressing that she was on the lookout for another. Another comment Yonezawa made about having friends with benefits and lamenting it at 5 in the morning when she had a relief concert to go to in Sendai later that day, offended fans.

Hirajima Natsumi was collateral damage, but her leaving will undoubtedly leave a bigger gap behind; her leaving does not only affect AKB, but the subgroup Watarirouka Hashiritai as well. Hirajima’s only implications lie in photographs, but they were more than enough to incriminate her breaking the golden rule: She was undoubtedly in a relationship with a student at the prestigious Keio University.

Google+ comments filled their pages, most of them demanding an explanation and/or resignation. The theater manager Togasaki later posted an official statement on the AKB blog that the two members have decided to leave, along with their few words of apology and gratitude for the fans that supported them.

Yonezawa Rumi’s leave will not affect me much(although she made a pretty baller omurice), but Hirajima Natsumi leaving has me feeling mixed. A light mix of sympathy, disappointment, and frustration at the rules, two-faced fans and the utter stupidity of having condemning material float around on the internet. If you break a rule, you better damn make sure no one else can find out about it.

Every dream job has a catch. The rules may be archaic, but they are immovable. When faced with irrefutable evidence, leaving is the only thing one can do. The swift and untimely relinquishing of their duties will leave a sour trail for fans and leave AKB with another scar.


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  1. All I ask in general to not direct any negatively towards the girls that will eventually fill those spots.

    Wish Nacchan the best

  2. I’ma copy paste my rage from last post into this, since its meant to be here. And add some stuff.

    I’ve just recently become fond of Nacchan. I had seen her in the background a lot, never taking the time to get to know her until about 2 months ago. Once I did, she quickly became one of my favorites. While I can’t choose an Oshimen, I had been toying with the idea of claiming TEAM B as my favorite team. And a few days ago, I was able to finally label it as such. Thanks in part to Nacchan who allowed me one more reason to choose it.

    Nacchan’s the girl I’ve been googling nonstop at work.Didn’t know that today when I’d did my Nacchan>Work routine that I’d be hit with this terrible news.

    Im so fuckin pissed right now. I love nacchan. I just started becoming a fan of hers.. obsessing and now today she’s GONE? Just like that… wow. This sucks. I don’t care if she has a boyfriend.. now I’ll never see her again. bs.


    AND THE PICS DONT EVEN LOOK INCRIMINATING. she can just pull a yagami kumi and be like “nope”. They have no substantial evidence… well not enough that a marathon run or a vote cant fix…

    You can listen to almost any AKB song, the lyrics are of girls having love complications. Boys leaving them, boys not noticing them, etc. And Akimoto is a fantastic writer.. But dare one of these girls live out one of his songs and she’s fucked. Hypocrisy, irony and plain clownery.

    But as you wrote, these are the immovable laws of the idol world and they have to be respected (I GUESS). But wow.. losing Nacchan is too much..

    She’s been in AKB so long…. PLEASE BRING HER BACK. im so emo.. cya guys I have a date with a razor..


  3. I’m really disappointed in how things played out. Disappointed at the two of them, at their fans, at their anti-fans, at AKS management, at this stupid dating rule, at their stupid idiot friends posting stuff online…

    What a shitty day.

  4. For Shame.

    They’re not even going to try to stay?


  5. also you write like an asshole. you made me thing the 2 girls were having a secret lesbian relationship for a good 30-40% of the article.

  6. Why on earth would you leave your twitter account PUBLIC!? When you become an idol, the creeps come out of the woodwork…lock that private stuff down girls!

    I’m not disappointed that they may have had BFs (this is one aspect of Idol life which I would be ok with if they changed the rules), but I am disappointed that they were naive enough to get caught so easily. As for those idiots sending the hate mail and stuff, I’d wish they’d get a life.

  7. its been hours but im still super upset. very uncharacteristic of me. sucks that im still in the obsessing mode when it comes to nacchan but cant even enjoy watchin her now. everytime i see her im hit with sheer disapointment and emo shit.

    I cant beleive how quickly she resigned. most girls wait for mangments call. but she just left without any fight… we can see this in many different ways..

    either mangment did make her write that statement, she’s been in AKB long enough to know whats up.. so leaves without any fuss, she’s trying to be mature and accept responsibility… or she’s simply at the point in her life where she wants to stop being an AKB member anyway and this gives her a way out?

    Either way, no fight being put up is strange.. and having a boyfriend for 4 years… i dont think she’d even win votes to have her return since the fans will feel they were lied to from day one. But really, is this statement something we should be going by??? Maybe we should hold on, because I’m sure that right now nacchan is probably having a few sit downs with management, reviewing contracts, the legal ins and outs. And we’re not sure how this situation will actually end since theres been no word from akimoto.

  8. AkiP appears to be mulling over the idea of letting both girls explain themselves to their fans so I guess we’ll see if/how that plays out.

    • For real?? OMFG… I hope so.. I hopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I don’t want to lose nacchan.

      I’m wasting my whole day worrying about this shit..

  9. It’s unfortunate that something like this has happened. I had never really watched or paid much attention to Yonezawa but its a little sad to see her go like this.
    I only found out about this quite recently so I don’t really know what to think about it right now.
    I always find it frustrating when a scandal is uncovered due to incriminating stuff of them being on the internet whether it be done by someone else or by their own doing. I don’t feel disappointed in the members, a little shocked, but not disappointed. Call me crazy, but I think its quite impressive, four years in a relationship (while in an idol group) without the public knowing? That’s pretty amazing.

    If this is to be the definite end of the two’s journey within AKB then we as fans can only hope that they both have a good future ahead of them. But for now we can only wait and see.

  10. Akimoto posted on G+ about the subject yesterday. Basically confirming that its over for the two girls. So I guess that’s that. And he’s saying that they already had a lot of strikes against them (wonder what that could mean).

    Looks like there’s no hope now and I’ll never see nacchan ever again.

    • Makes you wonder just how much management actually knows, huh?

      • It does dosn’t is, I have a feeling that, if people outside of AKB can find this stuff them the manegement are probably able to as well to them it is also a case of protecting well thier ‘investements’ so I think they would at least attempt to keep on top of it….

        As for the incident it self, well as ever yes it’s sad but rules are rules… it does perhpas make you wonder what other girls in similar positions in AKB do, yes for someone like an Acchan or Yuko they are big stars and so are more likely to keep to the rules, or at least be alot more protective over things like this where as maybe girls lower down the rankings, especiallt the older ones, may have a metalitiy that if they are cught then there caught…..

  11. Yikes, allegedly having friends with benefits and then being reluctant to perform at a relief concert of all places? That’s some disrespectful, two-faced behavior right there. I don’t think anyone could look at her the same way after making a comment like that.

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