Trip Report: Day 0

It’s Wednesday, February 24th. I have landed in Tokyo.

I’ve just begun my trip and had quite an eventful half day. I hope to be able to keep up these reports even when my schedule becomes more hectic.

Today, while in transit, I tweeted out “So many Idol groups, who should I go see first.”

I got a recommendation from @sadia_alice and @halfassedsubs that there was a Stella Beats show and that they would be having a special T-Shirt signing.

Suddenly, I got a favorite. It was from the leader of Stella Beats.




Surely this was a sign that I should go see the group, right?

So I dropped my luggage off at the apartment. My care package was huge this time as I have many presents for friends and Idols.

I headed straight to Akihabara to meet with DJ Amaya to go to the venue. We grabbed some food and headed to Club Goodman.

The live was fun, the fans were great, and I bought some merch.

Their buppan (sales) system works in that every 1000 Yen you spend, you get a ticket. 1 Ticket will get you a handshake with all the members and 2 Tickets will get you a Two-Shot, aka Cheki, with the member of your choice.

So I bought the three CDs they had on sale, met the members, and got a cheki with the leader of Stella Beats, Hoshino Mana.

When I got up there she said, “Oh hey, I just favorited your tweet, right?”

She spoke English pretty well and she told me that because she’s studying in University and that also her uncle was from the United States, specifically Nebraska.

She asked me to do the “Number 1” sign because it was my first time seeing them.

This just goes to show you the level of interaction with Indie Idols. One minute you’re tweeting about them. Then all of a sudden you’re at their show talking about it.

I really hope readers of this post will give Indie Idols a chance. Sure it’s fun to see groups you’re familiar with but also part of the fun is meeting new groups and building new familiars.

All and all I had a really fun time. Thanks again to Sadia and Half for the recommendation and Amaya for coming with me.





When I came home, I was was surprised to see Hoshino had tweeted this.


On an unrelated note, on the way to the venue today, I ran into the guy who has a pet toilet brush again.

Yep, he literally walks around with that toilet brush on a leash like a pet dog, but I guess today he was also dressed up as a wizard as well.

Just one of the quirky things I love about Japan.


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