Toughest Job in The World

One of the toughest jobs has to be a Producer of an Idol Group. How some of these Producers get everyone to play nice is beyond me. Like any group or team, there is always ego involved.

In just the case of something like a sports team, there are superstars who want to get paid more. Maybe they want more of the spotlight. The don’t share the ball, take too many shots, always try to be the hero. Often times those situations fall apart and trades are made. Teams are restructured and new faces come forth.

In the world of JPop Idols, I’m not so sure that’s a possible course of action. We’ll never know the truth behind scandals, boyfriends, and graduations but it’s always that could be an explanation behind those occurences. But after covering those rare occasions, how else do these Idol groups get along?

If there’s one thing about the Idol industry I’m sure of, it’s all about appearance. Managing your image and maintaining a sort of prestige is of the utmost importance. It’s one of the cornerstones of Japanese Culture.

Luckily enough, women/females, are the most adept at this skill. While a man is straightforward and simple minded, women are extremely cryptic. A person could walk away from a conversation completely oblivious that this girl hates their guts. More so, women are also always at each others throats. Maybe it’s ingrained in their biology but they’re always in competition with each other. To put it simply, the better looking specimen gets the better mate.

So how does this all fit in to Idols? One Question. How do all these girl Idols get along? I find it hard to believe that even group like AKB48 is filled with all non-confrontational angel women. The realist in me won’t let me believe that. So then how does a group with so many girls who are put in a position to compete with each other over the hearts of millions of adoring fans go through daily activities with out a nuclear meltdown? It’s beyond me.

Maybe it’s the case of all the girls basically being slaves. It’s completely regulated through contracts and makes them subjugated human beings. Maybe they care so much about their careers that they’ll put everything else on hold. Or maybe the Producers have found a way to get them to hash out their differences. Like each week they sit down and have a session to hammer out the dents. Whatever it is, there’s no doubt that an Idol Producer is the modern day lion tamer. How he is able to get those lions to perform tricks with out being eaten, is nothing short of amazing.

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