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As talked about on this week’s show, there’s a movie called Cheerfully coming out featuring an assorted grab bag of Idols. Stylized as Cheerfu11y, the movie will feature current soloist Kikkawa Yuu and ex-Momoiro Blue member Hayami Akari.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Akari as I’ve always felt she placed in the outsider role in Momoiro. She would be seen at the edge of the camera with a different outfit or different make up, singled out for being a halfie. Ultimately I think these are reasons why she chose graduation. I was worried for her career following the decision but after seeing this trailer, I’m a bit more at ease. My only question, when was this movie shot? Before or after her graduation plans?

I have high hopes for her in this role. I think acting will fit her better than the popularity contest that Idol life can be. Here she can just be another character in a world full of characters instead of a tall sore thumb on stage with a bunch of short traditional-looking Japanese girls. Here’s to hoping that Blue can make an impact.

The movie comes out in Japan October 22nd.Read More for the full trailer

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  1. “the movie will feature current soloist Kikkawa Yuu and ex-Momoiro Blue member Hayami Akari.”


  2. I was sold at Kikkawa Yuu but I have to say the trailer looks pretty awesome.

  3. I have to make a correction here, Akari is not a halfie, it was a running joke that she looked like one but she is not. Another girl who falls into this is Nakatsuka Tomomi, who because she looks like a halfie has been severely limited in her popularity.

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