Tokyo Girl’s Style Talk and PV Ustreams


So I was asked for more of these posts and again it’s with little warning.

TGS will be doing 2 ustreams, the 15th at 1900 JST, 4AM MST, 6AM EST, and 16th at 16:30 JST, so 1:30AM MST and 3:30AM EST?, pretty sure I got the times right, you can follow me on twitter @Drako60 and I’ll be tweeting before and when they go live.

You can watch it here

From my small understanding of japanese, the stream tomorrow is going to be a talk stream, and the stream on the 16th they will be showing the new PV.

They have also released the name of the upcoming single “Lair / W.M.A.D”, no idea yet what W.M.A.D stands for but it should be TGS12 from what I’ve heard, though that information could be wrong.

If you are curious about TGS12 you can check it out tuesday on the NSK live stream.


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  1. Could be interesting, don’t get to see or here much of TGS alot of the time so these shows will probably be worth a watch, especially for the new PV, which I hope keeps with thier current trends as far as pv’s go….

  2. Nice, their times are pretty early in England so it should be pretty easy to watch. Thanks!

  3. Will definitely try to catch some of this, thanks Drako.

  4. I forgot to include the link in the post as I got distracted when I was writing it so I edited that in.

    As for Will’s comment it does keep the same style, the header picture is related btw, so feel free to speculate away.

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