‘tokyo girls’ style’ has potential

on july 21st, strong newcomers to the idol scene, ‘Tokyo Girls’ Style’, released their third single.

‘ganbatte itsudatte shinjiteru’

tokyo girls’ style was revealed in january of 2010, and they already established their presence by performing at the giant idol bash on Music Japan. they seem to have a pretty strong following already thanks to good exposure done by their label, Avex Trax, who is responsible for other artists like Gackt, Otsuka Ai, Hamasaki Ayumi and even Oshima Mai (graduated akb48 member).

i’ve found their songs so far to be cheerful, but very vanilla.  they’ll need to pull out songs with more punch soon if they want to grow.  because (like most idol groups that start out) all the members are extremely young, there is a deep reservoir of potential that is usually reached in a few years time as the members grow into better and mature performers.  reaching that potential is the hard part.  that’s the fun about following new groups i suppose: seeing them flourish and being able to say “i knew they would become big”.

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