Three Step Guide: Zettai Chokkyu Joshi! Playballs (Step 1)

Three Step Guide is our way of introducing people to new groups and new music. Most times people have a hard time knowing how to get into trying something new. Maybe there’s too much content and you don’t know where to start. So we break it down here Step by Step.

Step 1: The Music

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Stop. Before you ever try to make the joke, I know you don’t want to “Play with Balls.” It’s what everyone says when they first hear the name of this group. But that’s Engrish for ya. In response, I’d say don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it.

“The Absolutely Fastball Throwing Girls! Playballs!” (That’s what their name translates to) are one of the most electrifying groups in idols today. So here’s their top 5 songs plus one bonus song.

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1. Diving Catch

To really get the full effect of this song you have to experience it in the correct atmosphere. I love this song but honestly it took a while for me to “get it.” I saw the Music Video for it and while it’s really well done, the look and feel was different from what the group actually is.

The video to the left is for one of their big lives. It only showcases the first minute or so of the song but it’s the best example on the internet. It complies the song, choreography, and crowd interaction into one amazing package.

For a full performance [Click Here]

2. Yakyuu Shiyoze! (Let’s Baseball!)

Reminiscent of Toni Basil’s Mickey, “Let’s Baseball” is a poppy number that can’t help but getting stuck in your head. Once you hear it, you can’t un-hear it. Here’s the parts to sing along with.

Batto Boru Kurabu Kimi no Suki na Yakkyu! FU-FU!
(Bat) (Ball) (Club) (That Baseball That You Love) FU! FU!

Go Go Let’s Go
We Are Playballs!

3. Zettai Chokyu Shoujotai

This is a self-titled song of sorts and their first single release. Zettai Chokyu is absolute fastball throwing and Shoujotai means team of girls.

I love love love the part where they do the side to side step with their hair flinging the other way. Also the part where they go “Dame dame Zettai”

4. WE are UMPIRE

At this time, WE are UMPIRE is their most recently release. I am so in love with the video. I think it’s a brilliantly put together with the aesthetics and themes. The perfect combination of sexy, weird, funny, and idol. It’s something that looks like you should take it seriously but then doesn’t want you to either.

Also it was produced by the guy who did HKT48’s Suki Suki Skip.

5. Ba-Ba-Ba-Banto (Bunt)

You gotta love the airhorn.

You gotta love the chorus.

You gotta love side to side hopping.

You gotta love the doofy guys in the back.

This is playballs.

    **Bonus** Koi no Kensei-kyuu

Here’s a performance of Cho Chu Mocha, a sub unit of playballs.


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