Three Step Guide: Kamiyado (Step 1)

So you say you wanna get into Kamiyado? Or maybe you’ve never even heard of them? They’re on of the more popular indie groups in Japan right now. Here’s part 1 of my Quick Three Step Guide to get into the group.

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Kamiyado songs are great. They’re really upbeat and a bit chaotic. It’s kinda reminiscent of Stardust groups or drop.

They’ve got a stylish aura about them while still maintaining a youthful presence.

They’re constantly changing performance outfits


Step 1: Songs

Here are what I consider to be their Five best songs.

1. Hissatsu! Cho Kamiyado Senpu (Sure Fire! Super Kamiyado Whirlwind)

I love how this song starts in full speed mode. It’s unbelievably simple and unabashedly Idol.

Also the choreography is ever changing for this song. This is one of the older performances so watch for Hina (in Pink) to start acting like a brat at [0:27] knocking everyone over and telling them to jump. Mei (in Blue) refuses to cooperate and smacks her instead.

They’re also wearing their outfits after the first costume change going for more of a fairy theme.

2. Parachute Love

This was the first Kamiyado song that I was able to recognize. A departure from normal Idol songs, this one reminds me of more of a Perfume vibe.

I love the choreography for it’s side to side movement [1:43] and the propeller moves [1:55]. This performance is pretty unique as they’re wearing their street wear, which they sell as merch. I love the ending to the song as well as the Kamiyado Theme they play leading into the performance.

3. Zenkai! Kamiyado World

This may be considered their signature song. To date it’s the only song that has a PV. It’s a really active song with lots of audience interaction. As with most Kamiyado songs there’s a bunch of cute choreography to go along with it.

There’s a bit taken from a Queen song, don’t know how most will feel about it. I think it’s fun personally.

4. Bi Bi Bi

It was decided after this song that Hina (in Pink) has the best Facial expressions. I love watching her and all the Kamiyado members perform. There’s this sort of simplicity and charm to all their choreography. It might not be for everyone but for some like me, it’s relaxing and easy going.


Actually, when I think about it, this might be their signature song. It’s sort of their “YMCA” of songs. The choreography is insanely simple and silly.

And at the end they’re supposed to be doing some sort of mech transformation I think. I’ve never fully understood it but hey, just go with it and have fun.

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