Three Step Guide: elfloat (Step 1)

elfloat is one of the more popular groups in the indie scene right now. With more of a rock influence blended with magical themes, they’re a really unique group with a unique look. Here’s my part one to getting into them.

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elfloat is a group that has quickly risen up my ranking of great groups to see.

They’re a lively bunch with a unique feel about them. They have this fairies and magic theme going on but with more of a rock sound and wailing guitars.

You’ll often times see feathers and sparkling lights in their videos and their outfits have stuff like gold neckbands and embedded jewels. I think it’s an interesting choice.

Their choreography is quite demanding with a lot of formation movement and counter intuitive dance moves.

I think it’s really difficult to pull of a three person group but they’ve gone a good job so far.


1. Kiseki no Hata (Flag’s Miracle)

This song just jumps you right into it. If you were only to listen to one elfloat song, I would want it to be Kiseki no Hata. I think it’s a great example of the group. I heard the song once and I went to buy it.

And it’s even better live. Don’t belive me? Click here and watch the first 30 seconds.

2. tokiori Mermaid

I think you’ll really be able to understand what I mean by the magical theme by listening to this song. There’s something about having those chimes going in the background. It makes everything sound so kira kira and sparkly.

There are a lot of formation changes and reverse direction leg kicks during this song. It’s visually captivating. I Love it.

3. water tree

Water tree is one of their newer songs. It’s a change of pace from their more guitar rock driven backlog.

It’s a bit more cutesy and idoly which is totally my thing. It’s really high on my list but to be honest I don’t know how beloved this song is among fans. Unfortunately this song is not released on either of their two mini albums. Like I said, it’s new.

4. yumeshirube

yumeshirube is like Kiseki no Hata’s step-sister. They’ve both got similar qualities but then are also quite different. It’s difficult to put a finger on it.

If you noticed a lot of elfloat’s uploads are in PV form. On YouTube there’s not much in the way of live performances which is actually my preferred form of presentation.

One thing to point out in this video is the rawness of the indie scene. I think it’s a very like or dislike aspect. I love it personally. The reactiveness, the unpredictability. The get down in there in roll in it. But that’s just me.

    5. Like a tinkerbell

To be perfectly honest, there’s another elfloat song that would be in this spot if I could find a release for it. It’s called something like Princess Peach’s Lovely Day and it’s kind of Mario themed which may be why it’s not anywhere on YouTube. Or maybe it’s because it’s a rather new song.

But in it’s place, I put Like a Tinker Bell which is actually written out all in Katakana. This video really helps to give you a sense of the members. Momo will probably stand out as she’s the tallest and looks more different than Mizuki and Maaya.


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