Three Step Guide: Baseball Girls (Step 1)

So you heard about a group called Baseball Girls but dunno how to get into them?

Well here’s my Top 5 BBG songs plus one bonus song.

It’s all part of a Three Step Program to help promote new Idol groups.

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As with most groups, I think the best place to start is with the music and see if it’s a genre that might interest you.

Baseball Girl is a pretty Idol Sounding group with a little bit of electronic influence. Many of their songs have a bit of references to baseball although you might not even notice if you’re not familiar with Japanese Baseball.

I love this group for it’s upbeat music, interesting members, lively shows, and passionate fans.


01. Huiuchi no Lovely Kiss (Lovely Kiss’ Surprise Attack)

While I don’t believe this is the most popular BBG song, it’s easily my favorite. The first time I heard this song with the live crowd going I knew this was going to become a group that I really liked.

There is such a variety of things going on during the song I consider it a perfect example of an Idol song to see live. It encompasses so much and the song happily bounces along, it really is a perfect combination of everything Idol to me.

02. Konno Koi, Dangan Liner (This Love, Hard Hit Line-Drive)

Baseball Girls are an interesting group because they’re only slightly baseball themed. While some might expect them to perform completely in baseball jerseys, they don’t. Actually when I asked the members about baseball, all of them admitted that they knew little to nothing about the sport.

But you’ll see references to baseball in their songs and music, and I think that’s something that really speaks to their audience. Many male youths grow up in Japan with aspirations of playing baseball and have fond memories of those times. I think the lightly themes work best and keep from becoming overbearing. At the start of the song, everyone yells “PLAY BALL!” It’s the best.

03. Hero Interview

So in Japanese Baseball, the “Hero Interview” is basically the equivalent of the interview they have with “The Player of the Game.” Again this is an example of how BBG incorporates baseball themes while remaining a very girlish Idol group.

I wish I was able to literally show you how together the crowd is for Baseball Girl songs. While I lot of Idol groups have great live experiences, BBG lives have their own uniqueness and energy. It simply just can’t be captured through video and YouTube.

04. Shori no Megami (Goddess of Victory)

A lot of us foreigners struggle with the Japanese language and one of the criticisms we often get is that “you can’t understand the music.” And while I can understand why people think that way, I’ve come to believe that music is something that can be universally understood. You don’t need to know every detail to feel the meaning.

I heard this song. And once I found out the title, I smiled and knew what I needed to know.

05. Onaji no Yume o Mite (Let’s Look at our Same Dream)

You can hear the crowd react when member Shinobu says “Part 2” when referring to the song title. Maybe I’m missing the reference but…

This is an old performance back from 2014. At the time the group may have only had five members. But now when this song plays the crowd will echo back “MOTTO” during the part when the members sing it.

06. Te no naru hou e

There’s a point in this song where all the members turn their backs to the audience and shake their butts. You won’t be able to see it in this video, but the song has evolved to where now the crowd will turn their backs to the stage and mimic the same dance as the members. It’s ridiculous and hilarious all at the same time. I love it.

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