Three Step Guide: Appare! Harajuku (Step 1)

Three Step Guide is our way of introducing people to new groups and new music. Most times people have a hard time knowing how to get into trying something new. Maybe there’s too much content and you don’t know where to start. So we break it down here Step by Step.

Step 1: The Music

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In my life I haven’t always been a success. So I’m not always completely confident in my business ventures or in some of the projects I’ve take on. But one thing I am absolutely confident about is being ahead of the curve. I’ve always been able to take notice of things as they are developing even if I haven’t always been able to capitalize on them.

I came across Appare! Harajuku at one of the large lives this trip and boy did they bring the house down. The songs were wild, the fans were crazy, and I was hooked. I got this exact same vibe from another Harajuku themed group called, Kamiyado two years ago.

After talking to some of the locals, it turns out the producer left Kamiyado earlier this year and went to start this group. They just debuted three months ago. So here you go guys, Appare! Harajuku.

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1. Harajuku Sunny Day

Harajuku Sunny Day is probably the most accessible song for people. I think it’s less Idoly and more Japanese Ani.

But be warned, it’ll get stuck in your brain and you won’t be able not hear it. Those high pitched whirs and whistles will be echoing in your mind all day.


I think this is supposed to be a play on the word Hallelujah. And man were the fans feeling it. Imagine and entire room of people shifting from one side to another all while doing those posing parts. The thinking man part was magical. Man I want to see this group again.

3. Kimi Dake no Wonderland

I don’t believe they played this song at the live I went to but man you can already see all the parts where fans would be running around and side to side. One thing about this management, they have really simple and odd looking choreography, but for some reason it really resonates with fans and they go wild for it.

4. Yuugen Territory

This is a previously uploaded video cause when I saw this song performed, all the fans were singing and dancing side to side during the “ja-ja-ja-da-da” part.

I like the inclusion of the piano parts. Makes for interesting mix.

5. Our Music

A more typical idol release, unfortunately it’s not a full upload. But still a good listen anyway.

6. Apparepezen

There isn’t a video from the official channel for this song. But I believe this completes all the songs they have to date.

I’ve always been amazed by the musical variety involving this management. They’ve been able to incorporate different genre’s and feels. Apparepezen is such a wild mashup, I think most people will either love it or hate it.


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