Three Step Guide: Akishibu Project (Step 1)

Welcome to my Three Step Guide for Akishibu Project. I hope by going through this list you will find a song or two you like and maybe become a fan of the group.

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I came across Akishibu Project under a weird set of circumstances.

Think VICE Video. But since they’ve grown to be one of my favorite groups to listen to.

The group is a mash up of two concepts, Akihabara and Shibuya. The members were chosen for their duality of being from Shibuya culture but with an interest in either comics or games or anime.

I really do feel this shift in tone and I think it creates a rather unique group.


Manatsu no Serenade (Mid-Summer’s Serenade)

This song is rockin’. There’s no possible way you can’t enjoy it. I also quite like the dance that goes along with it.

There’s not really much else I have to say about it. Just listen and enjoy.


You’ll notice that my favorite Akishibu songs are rather Idolly. They carry that upbeat girlish nature. LOVE&PARADISE is another example of that, but that’s kinda what makes Akishibu Project unique in that the group is a mash up of the geek town, with the fashion town, hence the name Aki-Shibu (Akihabara-Shibuya).

That’s probably why I gravitate towards the geekier songs but you’re about to find out…

Midaregami Fighting Girl

Akishibu tends to have a kind of edge to it. That’s the only way I can describe it. There are songs with cute and bubbly themes, but then there are songs with, in the case of Midaregami Fighting Girl, a sadness to them.

For example midaregami means to have messy hair. Presumably the title is talking about a girl who’s hair is now messed up from trying hard. This is something that really speaks to me for some reason.

Is it because of how I view Idols? Or just how I view my perfect match? Or maybe even how I view myself?

New World

Another reason I describe Akishibu has having this edge is because of members like Miyatani Yue. Her voice is husky and creates an interesting discrepancy within a group of girly sounds. She’s powerful on stage almost to the point where I think it’s intimidated fans from going to meet her afterwards.

Yeah, and that’s her who lets out the vicious scream in the beginning.

Akishibu Way

Another example of the versatility of Akishibu. I love the grittiness of this song.

It’s got that “My way or the Highway feel to it.”

There’s a certain attitude with this song that I find rare in Idols. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of another group/song that has the feel of this song.

I love it when Idols are powerful.


I usually like to cap these lists off at about five songs but Akishibu quite a large catalog of songs. This is one of their newer songs debuting late 2015 and only just released on their recent mini album.

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  1. To be honest every song from this list sounds like a sorta “standard” upbeat idol song but done right (same with dance moves). Looks like the kind of show from which you walk out completely exhausted and happy. Like their simple outfits. Really puts me in a genki mood.

  2. xcrossfacekillahx

    Since I’ve seen the group personally, I can say that most of the songs are indeed upbeat but I guess that’s what works for them. Dream in a Sea and Gachikoi Revolution are two of my favorite songs. Since their songs are idolly, it’s probably the easiest group to get into.

    • Dream in the Sea. I don’t know that one off the top of my head, gonna have to go hear it again.

      Gachikoi is good. Just hard to limit a list, ya know?

  3. Rather than “unique” as you state, I find them particularly generic.

  4. The live version of New World from January 25, 2015 is also great since it was the last time they performed it before the one you posted from September 18, 2015. They had to “seal away” a bunch of their songs including that one in order to release their first mini-album (probably music rights or something).

    They’re not my favorite group and the “generic” tag is not unwarranted since they do a lot of “AKB-style conventional idol” songs but, they’re nice girls and sometimes their awkwardness is kind of cute/endearing. I just figure most 2nd/3rd tier and below groups will be derivative of someone else. I don’t like how sometimes they attract some idiots to their lives though. Maybe that’s the downside of their Shibuya-ness?

    Yuechi is definitely the cool one because of her singing but, her big contact lenses can be intimidating as well. In some of her selfies, she looks like an alien.

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