This Week in Music 12.25.2013

This week’s featured releases come from Up Up Girls and Watarirouka Hashiritai.

Up Up Girls (Kari) – “Nijiiro Mosaic / Enjoy!! Enjo(Y)!!


Up Up Girls lead off this week, managing to squeeze yet another multiple a-sided single in before 2013 draws to a close. Eight singles in a calendar year is a pretty impressive feat and also pretty damn hard to keep up with if you’re a fan or commentator. Especially when they all feel like they have a short novel for a title. As far as this one goes; and I’m going purely on the live versions linked above, it seems pretty good. “Nijiiro Mosaic” seems like a very pleasant but catchy pop song while “Enjoy!! Enjo(Y)!!” is a weird mix of genki pop and EDM. Not sure about that fog horn sound effect though. Overall, I’d say that it’s an incredibly solid end to a very busy year.


Watarirouka Hashiritai – “Watarirouka wo Yukkuri Arukitai”


This week’s other featured release comes from AKB48 sub-unit (remember those?) Watarirouka Hashiritai. They recently announced that they’re disbanding so what better way to mark the occasion than to release a “Best of” album. It comes in two versions, one with a nice abridged version of their discography and another more extravagant version which contains every song they ever released. Watarirouka are pretty much my favorite AKB48 sub-unit ever and it sucks that they’re disbanding but everyone kinda saw it coming or thought they already had anyway. This album feels like a very fitting tribute to their musical achievements as a group and I would recommend it to anyone who hasn’t listened to Watarirouka for whatever reason or just as a great collection of music in general.



“Cheer Cheer Album” by Tokyo Cheer2 Party
Pretty quiet on the release front this week which I guess is to be expected given the time of year. I’m honestly not very familiar with Tokyo Cheer2 Party so giving their album a solid recommendation wouldn’t be very smart of me. You guys should check it out for yourselves and let me know what you think in the comment section below.

Apart from that I just want to wish all of my readers a…let’s go with Happy Holidays to be culturally inclusive and all that jazz. I’ll of course be back next week because lord knows the idol industry doesn’t stop to celebrate New Year either. Until then.

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