This Week in Music 12.12.2012

This week continues December’s trend of there not being many new releases to talk about in this segment. Who can blame the idol industry for taking their foot off the gas for one month though, they’ve had it to the floor for the past eleven after all. Sadly there’s only one new release again this week but if you’d like to hear me say a few words about it, feel free to keep reading.


Mano Erina – “Next My Self”

This week’s lone release sees Mano Erina release her last single as part of Hello!Project. If you’ve been following this segment for the past year or so (damn, has it really been that long?) you’ll know that I tend to find Mano’s releases to be a bit hit or miss. Thankfully “Next My Self” (nice title by the way) is a fitting last single and should see her go out on a high. If you haven’t been a fan of Mano Erina in the past, give this single a try. I’ll even go as far as to say that it’s some of her best work thus far. I’d like to end by wishing Mano Erina all the best and hopefully this will mark a bright new chapter in her career.


Next week gives us a couple of new offerings from Nogizaka46 and Berryz Koubou so be sure to check back to hear all about them.

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