This Week in Music 11.28.2012

We’ve hit a bit of a lull in the release schedule, with not a whole lot coming out during these last few weeks of the year. While the new releases may be lacking in quantity, most of them have more than enough quality to make up for that. Let’s see what’s on offer this week shall we?


S/mileage – “Samui ne”

This week’s sole new release comes from S/mileage. “Samui ne” is the group’s sixteenth single overall and sports the same electronic, synth-pop sound that all of the Hello!Project groups seem to be using these days. It also comes with a very sedate vocal arrangement and as a result the song never really kicks into high gear at any point. It is a pretty odd combination of upbeat instrumentals and melancholic vocals which kind of meet in the middle and leave the song feeling a bit flat. That being said, the song is pleasant enough to listen to, lack of hooks aside. Not the strongest output from Hello!Project in recent times but things have come a long way from even a year ago.


That’s your lot for this week. Next week sees the release of AKB48’s yearly Janken single so make sure to check back for what is sure to be a rather pointless installment of This Week in Music.

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