This Week In Music 11.27.2013

This week’s featured releases come from Cheeky Parade and Nogizaka46.


Cheeky Parade – “Cheeky Parade I


The first of our two featured releases this week comes from Cheeky Parade. They’re releasing their debut album and I find myself with just one question; why? Call me old fashioned but do we really need an album from a group with only three major label singles to their name and who only made their major debut but ten months ago? I’m not a producer or record label though so what do I know. Anyway, if you’re already a Cheeky Parade fan you get a new song or two to enjoy so there’s that I guess. If you’re completely unfamiliar with Cheeky Parade, well their whole discography is pretty much here so you might as well give it at least one play through. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something you like.


Nogizaka46 – “Barrette


This week’s other featured release comes from AKB48’s rival group (have we dropped this yet or is it still a thing?) Nogizaka46. This time they’re rocking a fresh faced center in Hori Miona as they try to figure out who exactly should be center now that Ikoma Rina appears to have fallen out of favor. The song itself isn’t particularly interesting to me. It’s one of those songs that you wouldn’t go out of your way to listen to but you wouldn’t skip it if it came up on your playlist either. Not the best qualities to have in an a-side but this fits with Nogizaka’s musical style and for better or worse, it’s here to stay. At least their television show remains both interesting and enjoyable to watch.



Body Rockabilly” by Hime Carat
Samu Wa Fuyui!” by Houkago Princess
“Last Summer EP” by Izukoneko
Eden No Sono De” by Jewel Kiss
Nanairo” by Mary Angel
Ojuken Rock’n’Roll” by Otome Shinto
Vanilla Na Sora” by Tsuribit
Junjou Marionette” by Yumemiru Adolescence

Releases of interest from this week’s other offerings for me would be Hime Carat, Houkago Princess and Otome Shinto. That’s just my opinion though, you really should just take the thirty or so minutes to check everything out and see for yourself. My opinions should only be used as a very rough guide, if you even choose to use them at all. Until next week.

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