This week in music 11.26.2014

This week’s featured releases come from Afilia Saga, AKB48, Babyraids and


Afilia Saga – “Japonesque x Romanesque


Afilia Saga release their new single “Japonesque x Romanesque”…whatever that means, this week. I’m a bit of an Afilia fan so I was looking forward to this single when it was announced a few months back. What I ended up getting was an interesting blend of EDM, traditional Japanese instruments and the more expected Afilia anime sound. It’s a pretty interesting thing to hear from Afilia Saga but in the wider idol genre this kind of song is starting to get a little played out. I guess it’s just the thing to do these days, the flavor of the month if you will. That being said, the song is objectively decent and I’m not unhappy with Afilia Saga’s attempt.


AKB48 – “Kibouteki Refrain


It’s that time again kids, another single from the idol juggernaut that is AKB48 is upon us. “Kibouteki Refrain” is somewhat interesting given the fact that a lot of people are saying it’s a return to the style of song that AKB was producing in the 2010-2011 era. I don’t really know if I’d go that far but it’s all good. Personally I think these people just saw all of the cameos in the PV and got ahead of themselves. Even if it is, regressing isn’t the best thing in this kind of industry. Anyway, I like this song a good bit more than the train wreck that was “Kokoro no Placard” but it’s still pretty much the same AKB we’ve been getting for the past few years. Simple as that really.


Babyraids – “Tora Tora Tiger!!


If you’ve been reading these articles for a while now, you’ll know that Babyraids blow very hot or cold with me. That being said, I have rather enjoyed their past two singles – “Bucchake Rock’n Hacchake Roll” and “Koi wa Panic“. With that in mind I wasn’t super hopeful for a three-peat with “Tora Tora Tiger”. Thankfully I was proved wrong and the song is actually really great. Maybe the first time you listen to it, it doesn’t grab you but if you give it time it will really get its hooks into you. It did with me anyway. I’m still pretty cautious when it comes to new Babyraids releases going forward but the optimism is starting to build ever so slightly. – “Denpari Night


Last up for this week’s featured releases we have with their new single “Denpari Night”. I’ve been pretty disappointed with Dempagumi’s singles this year so I went into this one not expecting too much. I think my expectations might been a little low because “Denpari Night” is actually a pretty decent song. A little more subdued than I’d like from Dempagumi but still, solid effort. Personally, I prefer the b-side on this single “Bali 3 Kyouwakoku“. That’s more my style of Dempagumi but people seem to really enjoy the singles that they’ve been putting out in 2014 so I’m prepared to accept that I don’t hold the popular viewpoint on the subject.



Mr. Snowman” by E-Girls
Rainmaker” by G☆Girls
Fly High!!!” by Ganbare! Victory
Bargain Girl” by Lovely Doll
Liar Mask” by Mayama Rika
Viva! Otome no Dai Bouken!” by Otome Shinto
“Happy Lucky DX / Hato Teikuu Hikou” by Pop’n Kiss
Kira Kiran Way☆” by Prism☆Box
The Supernova Strikes” by StylipS
Dream Trigger” by Tokyo Performance Doll
Dai-ichi Shi-shunki” by Yumemiru Adolescence

As you can see, there were a lot of releases this week. Out of the stuff I didn’t have time to talk about, I have a few recommendations. First is Ganbare! Victory (formerly just “Victory”), they have a pretty solid rock sound if you’re into that thing. There’s also StylipS, for my money a pretty underrated group, who have a new album out this week. I’d also probably recommend Mayama Rika from Ebichu’s debut solo single but the Youtube channel with the PV is blocked in my country. Until next time.

If you missed any of the last few weeks’ worth of new music you can check out past editions of This Week in Music here.

What new music are you looking forward to this week? Leave a comment and let us know!

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