This Week In Music 11.20.2013

This week’s featured releases come from Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku, SKE48 and Tokyo Girls’ Style.


Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku – “Mikakunin Chuugakusei X


Let’s start things off this week with Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku, or Ebichu to those of us who are too lazy to type out the former. They’re releasing their latest single this week and it’s pretty cool man. I have a lot of time for Ebichu, I don’t think they’ve had a truly bad release since their major debut. “Mikakunin Chuugakusei X” continues that trend with an almost Eurobeat style song which really gets its hooks into you from the start. You guys should know by now that I love my high tempo, energy packed songs and that’s exactly what Ebichu deliver here. If for some reason you haven’t checked out Ebichu yet (not sure how that could happen considering NSK talks about them all the time), start here then grab their “Chunin” album. You won’t regret it.


SKE48 – “Sansei Kawaii!


Next up we have Nagoya’s own SKE48 with their third single of the year “Sansei Kawaii!”. First of all, good job team we managed to get three singles out this year. Wasn’t sure it would happen but yeah, good job. Oh, you wanted to hear my thoughts on the song? Well, it’s not great but it’s not terrible. That’s about as positive as I can be about a song that I feel like I’ve already heard multiple times before from SKE48. Maybe that’s being pretty harsh considering SKE48 have some pretty good songs in their back catalog but if they’re only putting out three singles per year then they all better be amazing. Oh and those call and response sections, let’s not do those again okay? Thanks.


Tokyo Girls’ Style – “Road to Budokan 2013 -Chiisana Kiseki-


Last up this week we have Tokyo Girls’ Style with what I’m going to be calling “Chiisana Kiseki” because lazy, typing, etc. A release so well promoted and talked about that I actually forgot it was even coming out (are they actually performing at Budokan again this year?). That’s probably my bad though because the song is actually pretty good if you give it a few listens. It’s a bit more subdued than perhaps what we’re used to from Tokyo Girls’ Style but it’s sort of a callback to the kind of music they were putting out when they debuted. Chances are you’ll like this song if you didn’t particularly care for “Get the Star”. Overall though, this is another solid addition to the Tokyo Girls’ Style discography.



Oh My Destiny” by Bakusute Sotokanda Icchoume
Devotion to You” by Dream5
Wonderland” by i☆Ris
Rainbow In The Sky” by KNU
Believe In Yourself!” by Palet
Kore Ga Ai Nanda” by Sunmyu
Re:” by 9nine

As far as this week’s other releases go, my picks would be Dream5’s debut album and Palet’s “Believe In Yourself!”. You should check out everything though because letting my opinion shape your thoughts probably isn’t the best idea in the world. Until next time.

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