This week in music 11.19.2014

This week’s featured releases come from C-ute and Rhymeberry.


C-ute – “I Miss You / The Future


C-ute are up next in (and closing out?) the current Hello! Project release schedule with their new double a-side single “I Miss You / The Future”. I’m not a particularly huge fan of C-ute so I don’t tend to go into new releases of theirs expecting all that much. Probably a good thing in the case of “I Miss You” because that’s just one big mess of failed vocal layering that probably would have sounded pretty good if it was executed better. Then we have “The Future” which is probably one of my most favorite C-ute songs in recent memory. What can I say? I’m a sucker for that EDM infused J-Pop sound. Overall it’s not the best single I’ve ever heard come out of C-ute but compared to some of their previous efforts, it’s actually not that bad.


Rhymeberry – “Idol Illmatic


Our other featured release this week is from Rhymeberry who return after what was somewhat of an extended break due to a number of reasons. The important thing though is they’re back, albeit one member down, and from a music standpoint it appears to be business as usual. The thing is, business as usual isn’t really cutting it for me anymore. Maybe it’s just me but “Idol Illmatic” sounds more like a mash-up of their previous songs than anything really new. I think that’s probably just a constraint of the genre that they operate in though, it’s pretty hard to do different things with Japanese Rap without it sounding even worse than it already sorta does. Also, if you can actually name any of the other girls in this PV, you’re probably on some kind of list and should hand yourself in to the authorities.



Panorama World” by 3min
DD / Trance Index” by AKAGIDAN
“Heart no Inryoku” by Fleurette
Ai wa Meramera” by Idol Class
Kanashimi Calibration” by Moso Calibration
Rival” by QunQun
Hatsuyuki no Symphony” by Sunmyu
MD” by Tokyo Cheer2 Party

What else should you check out this week? Well, 3min have a pretty great song that I doubt hardly anyone will pay attention to. The same goes for Idol Class for the most part. Two really solid singles that will fly completely under the radar because there isn’t an obscene amount of promotion behind them. Apart from that, I’ll leave you to explore this week’s other releases on your own. Until next time.

If you missed any of the last few weeks’ worth of new music you can check out past editions of This Week in Music here.

What new music are you looking forward to this week? Leave a comment and let us know!

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