This Week in Music 11.07.2012

AKB48 managed to scrape together another million sales last week. The sky isn’t falling and you’re getting another hit of the 48 family crack pipe this week. Life is good.


Kikkawa Yuu – “Vocalist?”

Before we get to this week’s AKS release, first I’m going to talk about the lovely Kikkawa Yuu and her new cover album which is titled “Vocalist?”. It features a number of successful pop songs from the last few decades, which have been given an update by various Vocaloid producers. The songs featured come from a host of artists (ZONE, Matsuura Aya and Morning Musume to name but a few) so chances are you’ll find something that interests you. I mean what more can I say, you have Kikkawa Yuu who is a fantastic solo artist and she’s covering some great songs from years gone by. I’m not sure how this could get any better.


NMB48 – “Kitagawa Kenji”

NMB48 are the AKS group that are up to bat this week and I’m pretty sure that this one counts as a home run. From top to bottom, “Kitagawa Kenji” is an incredibly solid single. The a-side is up there with “Junjou U-19” for me as their best this year and I honestly can’t find anything negative to say about the b-sides either. I’m not sure it’s quite as good overall but I’d say this release is pretty comparable to SKE48’s “Kataomoi Finally” in how much of a complete package it is. I may not sing the praises of AKS singles every time they churn out a new one but when I do find one that I like, I have no problem telling everyone how good it is.


I’d say that this is a pretty good week for new releases. Next week we don’t have a release from AKS but you should still come back and read about the new stuff from Afilia Saga East, Fairies and PASSPO☆.

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