This Week in Music 10.31.2012

Well, this is what you’ve all been waiting for. Let’s get the most pointless “This Week in Music” ever over with.


AKB48 – “UZA”

I don’t really know why anyone would need told/reminded about this release. You’ve probably seen the PV or at least heard the song by now and have made up your own mind. We’ll have our review of the PV up later in the week so look forward to that. As for what the guy who “hates AKB” thinks? “UZA” is a pretty neat song, probably the best from the group so far this year if I had to pick one. The b-sides are also pretty good, with Team K and Undergirls being the ones that I’m most partial to. I do kinda question if they’re the best first impressions of the new teams that could have been made but ultimately I’m sure I’m probably the only person that cares about such things. The AKB gravy train keeps on rolling.


Come on, get out of here. Go listen to your shiny new AKB songs until your ears bleed. Just make sure you come back and humor me next week when I talk about new releases from Kikkawa Yuu and NMB48.

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  1. Cool, AKB48 has a new single. I somehow managed to miss this one. Kidding!

    It is hard to scare up a version on YouTube, etc. I can friendspam to my buddy who loves him some steampunk…

  2. Garry, you just have the most shining, optimistic and positive attitude. You’re the best!!!!! I love how you never are sarcastic and how you always hide your true feelings behind your mild tone and words :D

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