This Week in Music 10.30.2013

This week’s featured releases come from AKB48 and Team Syachihoko.


AKB48 – “Heart Ereki


This week’s marquee release is of course from idol powerhouse AKB48. “Heart Ereki” (“Heart Electric”? I dunno, you weeaboo kids and your naming conventions) is the group’s “Fall single” for this year and it’s a little different from previous years’ offerings. I mean that in the sense that this isn’t the standard “cool” song we’ve come to expect, which is neat in the that it creates some variety. However it’s not so neat in that the song is painfully average and a massive comedown from “Koisuru Fortune Cookie”. I’m not really that hot on the b-sides either but that’s pretty standard for an AKS release. If you’re not buying this just because it’s AKB, look elsewhere for your music fix this week.


Team Syachihoko – “Ai no Chikyusai


Our other featured release for this week comes from Team Syachihoko. I wanted to talk about “Ai no Chikyusai” for a few reasons and hopefully I might get you to check it out once I’m done. The obvious reason I wanted to talk about this release is that the song is really good. It’s perhaps not obviously catchy on first listen but if you give it a few spins it starts to get its hooks into you. What really adds to this song however is the PV. Man, talk about an acid trip. I’m not sure what the director was on when he came up with this but it certainly fits with the song so props for that. You might think this whole deal is a little weird but I like weird in my idol music, it’s certainly more interesting than playing it safe that’s for sure.



Crazy Gonna Crazy” by Prizmmy☆
“Starry Night / Seishun Buildup” by Up Up Girls (Kari)

This week’s other releases see Prizmmy☆ cover yet another TRF song (can we stop this please?) and Up Up Girls release a single that I haven’t heard so can’t comment on. If you’re not an AKB fanatic then this is a pretty quiet week so why not check out Team Syachihoko? You could do a lot worse (like buy another average AKB release).

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