This Week in Music 10.24.2012

AKB fans rejoice! You only have one more week to wait for your next hit. Perhaps one of this week’s new releases can tide you over.


Brand-new Idol Society – “IDOL is DEAD”

Our first new release of the week comes from Brand-new Idol Society, a personal favorite of mine. “IDOL is DEAD” is the group’s major debut album, after signing to Avex Trax earlier in the year. The album features a lot of great new songs like “Chelsea”, “I wish I was SpecIaL” and “hitoribochi” as well as re-recordings of old favorites like “nerve”, “My Ixxx” and “primal.”. If you’ve been looking for a reason to check BiS out, here it is. I know I “sell” this group a lot on the site but it’s because I believe that they’re that good and that more people should be listening to them than currently are. Argue about them being “real idols” some other time and just appreciate the fantastic music on offer here.


Super☆Girls – “Akai Jounetsu”

This week’s other new release comes from the currently misfiring Super☆Girls. “Akai Jounetsu” is a single that continues a trend of rather mediocre releases that have made up much of the group’s offerings this year. I really wish I could say positive things about this single but it’s just really forgettable and bland. In a lot of ways it reminds me of “One up!!!” by Idoling!!! if that gives you a better idea of where I’m coming from. I don’t like saying this but I’d avoid “Akai Jounetsu” unless you’re a Super☆Girls diehard. Which is a shame considering how good they started the year with their album “EveryBody JUMP!!” that you most certainly should go check out.


There you go, hopefully you found something interesting to check out while you wait for your AKB fix next week. Not sure why I’d need to say anything about “UZA” but come back next week and check out some of my thoughts if you want.

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  1. Did you saw the live concert of BiS the last sunday? It was streamed on niconico.

    It was awesome, the live version of IDOL is DEAD was everything I was expecting. Now I’m really going to get the cd.

    • You bet I saw it! One of the best idol performances I’ve ever seen.

      You could see that the girls were really hyped up about it which just made it that much better. Really wish I could have been there in person.

      Glad to hear that you’re picking up the CD.

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