This Week in Music 10.16.2013

This week’s featured releases come from Passpo☆ and Kashiwagi Yuki.


Passpo☆ – “Growing Up


Our first featured release for this week is “Growing Up” by Passpo☆. At this point I’m not even sure how many singles they’ve released in 2013 so I’m going to guess that this is their fifth or sixth effort on the year. In any case, long time readers of this feature will know that I haven’t exactly been a fan of the music Passpo☆ have released lately. That being said, “Growing Up” is actually quite good. I wouldn’t say it compares that favorably to the Passpo☆ of 2012 but it’s a solid effort and I enjoyed it. I still think Passpo☆ could do with releasing fewer singles than they have been but if the quality starts improving like this then I might just change my mind.


Kashiwagi Yuki – “Birthday Wedding


Our second and final featured release for this week comes from AKB48’s Kashiwagi Yuki. “Birthday Wedding” is her second solo single and she will be looking to match the impressive sales numbers that her debut offering “Shortcake” managed to attain. I’ll be frank, I did not like “Shortcake” at all. It’s the epitome of idol ballads which you all know I hate. Sadly, this release is very much more of the same. Don’t get me wrong, “Birthday Wedding” is an objectively fine song but it feels really safe. There isn’t that much range and it’s all very low tempo and easy on the vocal chords. If this is the only kind of thing Kashiwagi can sing well then maybe they should rethink packaging her as a solo artist.



Kimi No Koto Mamoritai” by Doll Elements
Asian Stone” by Dorothy Little Happy
“Please Me Darling” by Vanilla Beans

As for the other stuff coming out this week, I really wish I could sit here and tell you that the new Vanilla Beans is awesome and that you should go check it out. Sadly I haven’t even heard the song yet at the time of writing this (Saturday morning in Scotland) so I don’t know what to tell you. Doll Elements are doing this kinda denpa influenced song that’s pretty cool and is probably worth your time to check out. Then we have Dorothy Little Happy rocking a pretty abrupt image and sound change that I still haven’t quite managed to get my head around. Reception seems to be generally positive though so that’s good I guess.

Let me know what you’re checking out this week in the comment section below.

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  1. As a Yukirin Oshi I feel I have to step in here and say that Garry is, well, kinda right!

    I have to says I do still like this song ,as indeed I liked Shortcake. I don’t have Garry’s aversion to idol ballads and I enjoyed both songs.

    That being said I felt as though I wanted more. Before shortcake came out I remember saying to Yoshi on tumblr that I would like to see her sing something other than the ballad we all expected, that same goes for this single as well.

    I mean she has proven she can sing other styles of songs live, just look at her concerts, so I wonder why it’s been reverted to ballads? I’m well aware that she likes singing them and she does sing them well but as Garry rightly said, it all feels so safe.

    But maybe that’s it, I mean shortcake was safe too and that sold well and we all know what they say about things that are not broke….. Plus this is a song that Yuki can pretty much sing well in her sleep so no really issues there either and these things together is perhaps why we have “Birthday Wedding” But just imagine if it was a song instead along the lines of something like “Blue Rose” or something in that category Yuki would so own a song like that too and that would make people take notice!

    “Birthday Wedding” is a good song and it’s well worth me buying it for more than me being a Yuki Oshi, and no doubt I will enjoy listening/watching it all but part of me will also be thinking that I perhaps wanted something more at the same time as well……

  2. I sure hope you caught up on the Vanilla Beans song, its fantastic. Other than that diamond in the rough, this was a pretty bad week for releases.

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