This Week in Music 10.09.2013

This week’s featured releases come from Matsushita Yui, Sakura Gakuin and Yokoyama Rurika.


Matsushita Yui – “School Girl Anthem – Gakuen Anison Shuu


Our first featured release this week comes from former SKE48 member turned soloist Matsushita Yui. If you recall, I sorta raved about her debut solo single “Shooting Star“. Well, Yuimin is back and this time with her debut album. It’s a pretty interesting mix of new original songs and anisong covers. I’m honestly not familiar with many of the songs she’s covering (you can find a tracklist on her website) and right now I’m really only in this for the originals but I implore you to check this release out. The idol scene is lacking good solo artists so we need to support the ones that do bring cool things to the table.


Sakura Gakuin – “Ganbare!!


Next up we have Sakura Gakuin and their new single “Ganbare!!”. I didn’t really know what to expect going into this because I never know what kind of Sakura Gakuin I’m going to get. Will it be the model student Sakura Gakuin or the spunky Sakura Gakuin? Well thankfully for me I got the latter. “Ganbare!!” is a fantastic song with great energy and some well executed hooks. The instrumentals give the song a nice tempo and the rock inspiration is something I’m glad they’re exploring more. I’m even man enough to admit that I almost shed a tear when watching the PV.


Yokoyama Rurika – “Your Voice, My Life


The last of this week’s featured releases comes from Idoling!!!’s Yokoyama Rurika. “Your Voice, My Life” is her second solo single and when I first heard the radio rip I wasn’t super into it. However, that certainly changed when I listened to the higher quality PV audio. Ruri’s vocals really shine here and as if that wasn’t good enough, the song even has Hyadain on production duties once again. I’m not really sure what more you could want from a solo single really. Remember that thing I said earlier about supporting our solo artists? Well, that applies here too.



“Team S 1st Stage “Party ga Hajimaru yo”” by SKE48
“Team KII 1st Stage “Aitakatta”” by SKE48
“Team E 1st Stage “Pajama Drive”” by SKE48
“Team E 2nd Stage “Saka Agari”” by SKE48
Telepathy Mirai / Telepathy Sekai” by Telepathy

This week’s other releases are dominated by the long overdue release of the missing SKE48 stage albums. If you’re a SKE fan then you’re obviously going to be interested in these so I don’t really have to sell those too hard. However, I would like to draw your attention to “air guitar idol group” (yes, you read that right) Telepathy. They have some pretty catchy tunes that I personally rather enjoyed and maybe you will too.

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